Punggung lusuh

10 tahun silam, tepatnya 10 tahun kurang 24 hari… Ku lihat punggung lusuh itu. Entah kenapa, aku tahu ku ingin menyentuh punggung lusuh itu, namun ku hanya bisa menatapnya penuh harap. Six sense… Seven sense… Semua dikerahkan agar punggung itu berbalik shg bisa ku lihat si empunya. Ya, dia berbalik.

Ku tahu dia tak kenal diriku, namun ku tahu aku mencarinya sepanjang hidupku.

Punggung lusuh itu, bercahaya, membuka gerbang duniaku; dunia yg kutemui hanya di alam mimpi. Ya, aku mimpi dan jd kenyataan.

Lama ku merenung, siapa dia… Sang pemilik punggung lusuh. Hingga akhirnya ku sapa dia, dan ku katakan “aku menantimu”.


Live life

#liveLife, that is my favorite hashtag.

When I was a child, I experience good life with good family and good environment. Then all had change and we’re all living in poverty. I call it poverty cause life seems difficult at the time. Fortunately my parent always teaching me about how to living our own life.!.

This world consists of so many unstable things and it could changes anytime. Then the only thing we could do is live life the now (the present). It feels so hard sometimes, even though might be it is not. By having a gratitude then all seem OKAY.

Based on my experience, gratitude is an essential matter for me. It just because I born in this world to fulfill “the reason of my existence”, and if I still live till now then I have so much good luck (I think). Whatever happened to me, I keep trying to say “thank you to the Creator (God)”. Then all feel good… just feel good 🙂

So, past and future are part of our life… but the most important thing is living the present life; that’s why it’s called present 🙂


When I went back home to Bali at the end of May, in the airport I saw big sale in Periplus book store. One book catched my eyes and without second thought… I bought it; it entitled The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto.
First page, second page… First chapter, then I found this book really interesting. This book quite thick (489 pages) with hard cover, and the original price around 25.8 USD or 344.000 IDR (after 70% discount becomes 103 K IDR). I always feel grateful when I got big discount for a high quality book 🙂

Generally, this book about a story of famous guitar player, named Francisco Presto a.k.a Frankie Presto (stage name). He was born in the Villareal – Spain, a city near the sea that was founded by a king more than seven centuries ago. It happened in a hidden chamber of a church when civil war on going. His mother named Carmencita and she is the one who was murmuring his first song called Lagrima; which written by legendary Spain guitarist – Fransisco Tarrega.

Frankie grown up as a son of “small sardine factory” owner. Why he ended up as his son? Hmmm, I don’t think will telling you in here cause that’s one of the most interesting part of this book hehe

Frankie shows a great interest to music, especially guitar. So, his father sent him to a retired cafe’s singer who known as a great guitar player in the city. Frankie called him El-Maestro. It was when Frankie almost five years old. El-Maestro taught him about fundamental concepts and philosophy of music. How music teaches us about life, discipline, integrity, patience, joy, tears, feeling, etc…

Years gone by and Frankie become a famous artist in the world, both as music player and singer. He always plays his guitar, one that given by El-Maestro which consist of six magic strings. Why it called magic? Because it link to life…. Life of human.

This book telling us that every human being will involve in a “band”, band of life. Frankie involve in so many bands and his story with his wife gonna be the most musical part. His wife named Aurora York; Aurora means dawn. Love stories are not a static things but symphonies which have 4 movements: allegro, adagio, minuet/scherzo, and rondo

So, I think I have write pretty much about this book and based on my opinion, this book got 9 scores (9 out of 10). Things that important are even though it thicks (489 pages) but the words and sentences are easy to understand and also the story line really intriguing. It makes me read it over and over cause all stories are linked and interesting.

For the last, please enjoy the book 🙂



My gratitude for You

Smile.. the only thing I could remember

when you came and said “hi..”

Your spirit… excitement…

spread out to the world

till molecules could feel the bliss.

Sing… when you sing a universe’s song

all creatures stayed and listend

quieted and listened… and smiled

they all mingled with the rhytm

dancing..  laughing… loving

and saying “thank you… thank you…”

You, a holy spirit

You, the one who always bring happiness

You, the one who always make me smile

You, the one who always love me

thank you, thank you, thank you

♡ putu ♡

Life is really kind to me and universe always supporting me to realize my dream. It was such very nice experiences. Yes, I faced hard-time sometimes, but I enjoyed it as a process. I believe everything has a limited time, nothing immortal, including problem. 
Anyway, now I am 44 years old, with a healthy and productive condition, and surrounded by a happy family; my husband and a twin 9 years old sons. I do really grateful for all gifts given to me. My husband is a Hindu priest and I learn a lot from him, because being a priest’s wife is not an easy job for me. I have accompanying him leading and managing Hindu celebration in Bali and other cities in Indonesia, also meeting leader of communities; mostly cross culture communities, considering my husband right now in-charge in Asia Pacific culture association. It was nice, challenging, and unique.

About career, so many people asked me about “how I manage time?” 

They see me always busy and handle so many roles, but still happy. Actually, now I am in-charge as one of senior executive in Government Institution – Bank Mandiri’s holding. I manage government’s strategies for the Banking industries (how bank addresses the digital world, how to manage their performance, acquisition, merger, etc). In fact, I am quite busy along this time, but I try to manage my limited time properly; so I can meet all my schedules. In the morning, I’m preparing my sons for school and my husband for his activities. Usually I made simple breakfast and prepare for lunch box. After that I went to the office which took 10 minutes by walk from my unit to the office. 

I live near by the office, in a classy comfy apartment, in Jakarta. We live in two cities right now, Bali and Jakarta. In Jakarta, I manage simple living in apartment, but in Bali we build our dream house – simple wooden house in Kintamani from where we could see Mount Batur, Mount Agung; such a very nice place. I dreamt that house 17 years ago and my husband build it 7 years after. 

Usually my husband and I went back to Bali every weekend, at least every two weekend. We have to manage some business in villages. We came from agricultural families and we want to expand our business line; not only as a farmer but also as a distributor of our products. This idea came from my husband 10 years ago and we try to make it true; start from small chunk and good fortune for us, right now our customer reach America and Australia. We love agricultural matters and really enjoy this kind of lifestyle. The boys sometimes accompanying us, so they can learn Balinese culture and mingle with societies. 

You know what? I still have time for blogging. I like writing since kid and before bed time I wrote something about daily activities and my views about life. Good thing for me when last month my follower achieve 5000 and actually I could put some adds on it and gain money from the adds; but I’m not really interesting on adds-money. I just want to share my thoughts. That’s it.

O ya, I remember when my husband and I visited Ladakh – near Himalaya, 10 years ago. We’ve stayed for 2 weeks and explored the villages and build communication with the societies; and we found out that Ladakh has connection with us. We met a small kid, a boy. He was running at us and smile friendly. I felt something, like a connection. I tried to talk to him in English. He didn’t speak English, but he looked understand what I meant. I saw his mother came to us and we build conversation. They were a simple family – they were a farmer. I discussed with my husband if we could help him; perhaps visiting this family next time or adopt this boy. At the end, we arrange Ladakh trip frequently every 2 years and we kept in-touch with the family. He is a big boy now and studying culture and history in one of top 10 universities in the world. Considering my husband is a “culture person”, at the moment we also did some research about connection of Indonesia – Ladakh culture. 

Talk about charity, actually in Kintamani – Bali we build an ashram where people could learn about Balinese culture; not only for Balinese people but also for foreigners. They could learn about Hindu, yoga, art, music, etc. We don’t charge them officially, but we open for donation. Some of them came from poor family, but we still welcome them. I am really grateful that we have chances to do this.

-putu in 2027-

For you…

When I interested on something, like a book, usually I just open it and read whatever page it is with full attention. Today in periplus I spent my saturday looking for something… something new about life. Then I saw my favorite book, Memories. I flipped and opened… and read. The page entitled For You.

I stunned cause it really represent my feeling…. here the capture:

I wanna read it loud in front of you… only For You wie… ♡♡♡


Just my boots

Beautiful moment not always about roses, candy, and girly gift…. it also about broken shoes and a pair of boots; just my boots 🙂

Six years ago, same like now, rainy season flooding the whole city, and I didn’t have “proper rainy shoes” to accomplish my mission from home to office (vice versa). I was only have fabric made shoes and as we know it supposedly for summer; but in fact I used it on rainy season cause I didn’t have the other.

One day, my fiancee asked about my shoes cause he saw it broken already but I still use it. I didn’t know how to answer cause at that moment I was broken too…I focused my salary for my master degree and english course and other personal development courses. Ya, I did prefer knowledge than fashion. So, I will end up in “un-fashion-able banker” category; that what people said he he he.

When my birthday came, surprisingly my fiancee shared his wish and asked me to go with him to the leather shop. Yea, he gave me a pair of boot, so it will protect my feet and comfort me. Yes, it does… it always protect me comfort me till now… after 5 years 🙂

I am really grateful. I like this boots cause it’s taylor made shoes; only for me and made based on my request. So it’s really fit my feet ♡♡♡

thank you Bli Danu…. 🙂