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The Walking Dead

Today I’ve been thinking of…. “The Walking Dead” – series movie.

First question came out is “is there any cures?”, and the next “what’s the cause?”, and finally the last “what’s the story behind of this film?”

Then picture of this world slightly stop by on my mind 🙂

This is my opinion:

These days, so many people lack of “good” feeling (intolerance might be) and “very” individualistic sometimes, then gonna fight when thing “good/fine” somewhere (cause it only slightly in the air). I thought its represented by “the walking dead”. And for the survivor (small group), its a couple of fullfilled human being, which is so rare in this current world.

So, it is just my thought. Could be right or wrong. But the point is…. to me, the movie is quite interesting, not only showing the ugly things that shocking, ways to survive, but also things that remind me of this world – place where I’m living now – and how to be grateful for all of this.

Hv a good Sunday and God bless we all 🙂




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Star n Me

One night I walked on the alley
I saw one star “clip clip clip” showed its light
I remembered when I was a child, when I dreamt to be astronaut

Swim in the sea of stars and planets, there more than one suns
The shadow, mist, dark canyon, wind blows, freezing night, dazzled light
Just like the picture on the wall of the room

Slept on the dark corner, only the moonlight I could see
Insect and mosquito just started to singing
They couldn’t stop even I said “stop!!!”

At the mid night I woke up from the nightmare
Then I saw the thing flew outside of the window
There braveness to unlock and open the old curtain

Smile of Mr. Nice Guy made me shocked
He introduced him self
“Hi little girl, my name is Mr. Faery. That’s why I can fly”
“Just hold my hand, then I’ll show you the world”, he took my hand.

*it’s just a tale by Me!

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The Memories of Oct.28

Once upon a time, a great temple and thousands of stars as a witnesses of the beginning of unforgetable stories. There’s a gorgeous young lady who just smelled and tasted the thing which called love.

Beautiful night was crowded by people who celebrated the annual ceremony in the temple of small village. Ladies, gentlemen, and kids looked enjoy the night. Among them there’s a beautiful young lady stayed alone. A handsome guy was caught her eyes and made her breathless for a time. She felt different with the guy and didn’t realized that she fell in love to that charming guy, he was her first love. She tried to asked people around her about him, his name, his family, his background, and finally she found all informations related to the guy.

The day after she saw the guy, she’s changed. She’s not mommy’s girl anymore. She’s a lady. She looked the chances to went out, so she could met the guy and fortunately the guy also interested to her. With all braveness he came to the girl and said if he loved her, and wanna share his life with her. How wonderful their life, every single thing looked great and amazing. They were fell in love!!

Wise people said if love could be change become lust, and make us suffer at the end. And this sentence was worked to them.

One day, when the guy spent the weekend with friends, unfortunately he drunk and one of the lady’s family saw him, her aunty. Unfortunately she told what the guy have done to the lady’s mother, and the mother supposed to be a “devil wearing Prada” – very very angry and upset. Since that day, she didn’t allow her daughter met the guy and controled all her activities, even if she went to the college. The lady was getting frustrated. She tried to convinced her parent if it just a mistake. But it useless, nobody believed in her. Every single day the lady keep herself in silent room and wepping. Nothing could help her except the faith to the guy, to their love.  Her life getting worse when the mother decided to moved her to the other city, the other state, the other province, and the other island. The guy tried to called her and talked to the mother. He explained how big his love to the lady. Like usually, the mother just said “you are not the one for my daughter”.  Both of the guy and the lady felt lost, their vow was broken. Nothing they could do, cause the lady have moved far far away. The distance and un-cooperated family separated them

What was happened were not an easy thing to forget, it’s unforgetable sad memories. The lady lost her faith and her spirit in life. But she tried to be a good daughter and finally married with the guy who was choosen by her mother, and also made her changed her belief. And the guy could see that the future was waiting for him. Even he desperated he tried to stand up and faced the world. At the end, he met a beautiful lady and she’s his soulmate.

This story is not just a story, but it’s happened ten years ago. And it’ll remembered by every single person in there, the witness.

Life is so wonderful but it still not cool


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Little girl sat alone on the silent corner
She wept for the life
She wanna said something but she’s alone
Cause they left her alone

See wiped the tears and opened the eyes
Ant walked around her, danced with their beautiful back
She remembered the memories of ant’s family
She started to smile
She stood up and ran… ran away
But silent lake hold her,
She looked around, breathed, and yelled “I can survive alone!!!”

She realized the world is so wonderful
Amazing place to enjoy
There so many things made her alive
No matter where they left her
She would live by herself, by her ways

Disunity always made her upset
Disunity made her feeling lost
She hated disunity
But she knew that she had to face it
Cause it’s part of her destiny


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Met the Little Harris

I’ve read so many books from which I knew human characteristics and how the nature take part in the human life.

Last Sunday (September 4th, 2008) there was celebration in the Gunung Salak temple, as usual I went there. But there’re some things that made me feel grateful even we got problem with the car (totally unpredictable matters). When we suffered with the car, fortunately there’re two kids (Sandi and Akbar ) came to us and offered some helps, and it’s absolutely good to us. They are funny young boys, independent, quite shy even they look like street gangster, and friendly. So that, we really really enjoyed the conversation with them.

I’ve asked Akbar to bargain for my banana (consider he is a native person there – Bogor), but he didn’t know how to bargain (I bought banana on the way to the mal), but never mind.

Regardless those two kids, I met another attractive little kid whose name Harris Rosen – 3 or 4 years old (originally from India). His family stay near the Gunung Salak temple since a couple of years ago, he is the third child. From the first sight I feel something different with him, something special inside this little boy, yes… really special. From outside like another kids, he’s playing with his dog – Blacky – which looks similar with Luna (my lovely dog), then helped his mother in the shop – they have small shop for the temple’s visitor. By the way, his house exactly beside the first entrance of Gunung Salak temple (“gapura” near the bridge).

Harris a little bit different with his brothers, his mom told me that he love to study and helped her to sell snack when visitors came to the temple or serviced the buyer when they bought something. This little kids have already known how to gave change or explain the goods, or talk to the buyer. He did all those things base on his inisitif. Once upon he came to me and showed his note book and asked me how to write number or words. And, he was really really exciting when I told him the way to drawing his dog, and he can understand me even sometime his thought insynch with his little finger.

Anyway, at the moment I’ve thought about his future, I wish I meet him again, teach him again (more than just write a word or draw a picture), talk with him again, see his bright eyes again, hug him again, saw him playing with the dog again, but not in the same place anymore.  Honestly, I feel grateful I’ve met this little boy!


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Lovely Gran

The most favorite person in my family is my grandmother. She was a wonderful lady. She had an Asian face with brown eyes. She looked so smart and always showed the good impression of a hard worker. When she was young, she worked for her family because when her parent passed away, they left little children. It’s continued when she got married with my grandfather. My grandfather passed away too young and that’s made her had to fight for the family.

Since I was a child, she always taking care of me. So, my mother could do her job. She stayed with my family consider my father is the youngest son in our big family. I always saying, she is my second mother. She gave me a lot of advices of how to facing this world, how to be a good Hindu and how important of respect and honor. Before I went slept, she always telling me of how the Japanese army (when Japan tookover Indonesia) came to our house and threw all of our belonging. Then, I would asked why they did it, etc. One thing that I always remember is when nobody could understand my behavior, when I was in elementary school exactly. I couldn’t explain to my parent what happened to me. Fortunately, my grandmother could catch what I meant. She talked to me and told me what should I do. It made me calm and felt grateful.

Actually she has a lot of stories of life, which I could learn from it. She had never pretend to be someone good, but she always proved it. I love her so much.
I saw her days, how she changed from the great independent woman to a frail old lady. When she passed away in her 100 years, I sat beside her. She didn’t get sick or something else. She told us, that her time to back home. On that day, I was running to my aunty and crying. One thing I didn’t want to do was cried in front of her. Yes, I was feeling lost. I lost someone who I love. All of family felt the same I thought.

Until now, wherever I am, I always remember her. She is my teacher, my parent, my friend and my hero.


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While thinking of how to answer the questions in my english manual book, I looked around my room and I got an idea to describe all the things which accompanying my days here.

First, my lovely bed, which covered by baby blue and yellow sunflower bed sheet with such of Terry Palmer pillows. I love this bed sheet, cause it’s not too hot or too cold. Short story, it’s the nicest bed sheet ^^. Like usually, on my bed there must be some books. At this time there’s English manual book, oxford dictionary, oxford thesaurus, novels (Heretic, The Interpretation of Murder) and Donal duck. I love Donal Duck since years ago. Beside that, both of my handphones are there, ready to receive and send all of the informations.

Second, the table. The most interesting stuff on it is a mug. Roses mug exactly. Nishimaki san gave me that lovely mug, two years ago. She knew that I love roses so much. After that, there’s a pile of book (news paper, DVD, calendar, etc) and sweet baked brownies beside it. I always have snack, consider if I got hungry at the mid night ^^

Third, under the bed there’s many boxes of books. I divided them by the category, such as document, novels, self help, memories, tutorial and DVD. It makes me easier to manage them. Beside the door there’s a pile of boxes of shoes

Forth, under the table there’s boxes for the kitchen stuff and carrier bags.

Fifth, on the top of cupboard. There’s some religion books, such as Bhagawadgita, Hindu’s tutorial books, etc. There is also room’s fragrance. Inside the cupboard there are my lovely clothes which as my friend wherever I am, hehehe.

Six, on the wall. There are some God’s picture. I love those pictures and I always taking them every where I moved. Also, there’s a wall clock and PUAS(extend for Pesta Untuk Anak Sekolah) written on it. I didn’t expect that I would found that clock free. Last year, when I went to Kwitang to looked some cheap books, I visit Gunung Agung book store too, just window shooping I thought. But, one batch of books made me stayed for a couple of minutes. All those books are talked about conspiracy, mystery and history. Wao, this is my favourite book, I sounded quietly. Then, I asked the cashier, if I could do the payment by debit card. She said I could, but with minimum payment 100,000 rupiah. It’s quite not customer friendly actually. But, never mind. At last, I brought five books (it’s same category) to the cashier table. All of them just one hundred something (after the discount). Actually, I got 50% discount for all those books. And… because I bought more than one hundred thousand for the same category of books, they gave me a gift. Yes, the gift is that clock. I just surprised and said thank you.

Honestly, at that time I need a wall clock and one of the clocks in the clock store at mall catch my eyes. Should I bought it… that the first thought came out. It’s too expensive for the thing just like that.

The point is, I have a wall clock right now and it’s so nice hanging on the wall ^^

Now, I wanna fix everything before go for the courses. Hope today could be my great Saturday ^^


*Yes, last Saturday was a great day for me ^^

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