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Jakarta, is capital of Indonesia which previously named Batavia.


Like other capital city, Jakarta just like wall mart; any kind of things are available; just depend on your money and way of life.

It’s been 12 years I was digging this unique town, and I found it’s getting interesting and become one of city I love most (the other are Bali and Tokyo). Why? Cause this city so complicated but there easiness inside; just like green tea 🙂


Once upon a time, I was sitting by the old lady whom told be about the old Batavia:

“Putu, it was rice field anywhere: along Kuningan and Gatot Subroto street, also where all those exclusive sky scrapers build was rice field. And someone told me, that someday Batavia gonna be city of light; there no more rice field… But a never sleep city.”


What she told me are very true, cause I couldn’t see rice field anymore (today, 3rd of august 2013) and Jakarta is full of light.


Jakarta recently is different with the old days, it’s full of challenge now. On daily basis, everybody wake up early – hurry for the deadline – lunch fast – hurry for the train – back home late night – full of tiredness; but today I just feel so different…. Might be because Idul Fitri holidays (1 week day off) just started.


This morning I walked out and faced the empty street; just one or two walker… The air so fresh… I could breath freely… I don’t have deadline to catch up… I can walked or drove anywhere without facing any traffic jam. What a lovely Jakarta.


Enjoy! 🙂



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The wallstreet journal is thing mostly I read.
And today I found good sentence back on it “Open your eyes to what you dream”.
Its advertisement of Noblesse.

I do agree with that, cause usually I realized that I was stucked in a situation and forgot about my real dream (just like slepping beauty in the “fancy rooms” of this wild world).
Then usually there was a triger that reminded me to open my eyes, to move and doing something new; which actually preparation to catch my dreams.

Talk about dream, since kid my parent tought me to build my own dreams. Lots of dreams.
What ever it is, as far as positive and for goodness then its always OK.
They always saying…. keep dreaming as high as wide as universe; and if you fail, you still surounded by stars.

To me, dreams not always about thing that give massive impact.
Usually I dreams simple thing like I wanna meet someone, or going somewhere quite, or eat my mom’s “sambal” (balinese sauce), buy my favorite books.
But sure there’s some big dreams that make me focus till now, like explore Indonesia, explore Asia, build school, etc… 🙂

Back to the title, catch dreams need strategies, and…. need to “open eyes” widely to see possibilities and chances.
Dreams just like plan of life, where I wanna go, what I wanna be, and with whom I wanna enjoy this life.
Thats why its essential to make a plan, build effort, and one sure thing “praying”.

For simple example is buying favourite book;
the strategies are saving money, searching the book store, looking for the sales (bigger discount is better), etc.

I thought that’s all for now, I just wanna telling myself and all you reader that its really important to have good dreams; cause it make us alive.
Please enjoy the days and open your eyes to what you’re really dreaming of… cause might be its already there… waiting for you to pick them up 🙂



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okiotsukete kudasai ne

The title was one japanese sentence that I heard from the low profile Indonesian Karate founder, Sihang Baud.
He had passed away, but still the sentence tightly plug in my mind.

It was rainy day, when I sat on the shuttle bus’ chair, then suddenly there’s an old man came and made conversation. Like usually I love making new friend; and we’re talking a lot about the city, country, and this new era. Great old man, I thought. Till my bus ready to go, and I said good bye to him. Yes, we’re changing the business card. Surprisingly, he’s the one I’m looking for along this time, Sihang Baud.

I’ve been taught martial art since young; and I always wanna meet the one who brought Karate to Indonesia. I just knew the name btw. But that time I do really grateful, finally we met face to face + he gave me so much advices (one of advices: okiotsukete kudasai ne – take care). He lived in Japan for years and studied Karate.

The other advice is ‘be humble’ and keep on fighting on the right way 🙂

Doumo arigatau Sihang.


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The city on Saturday

Jakarta is one of the bigest city in Indonesia, and like the others there’s always “strange” thing happened.

This morning, actually the weather couldn’t be predicted and it was fucking heavy rain and my schedule could be screwed up. But still I have my good luck when the sun shined at 9 am. And… thing shocking happened when there was a lady run on the street naked – really really naked. Woww… all people stunned and police tried to fix it, but the lady run away and every body worried if she crashed. I was shocked and confused, what was happened to the lady? is she sick? Or… something “bad” just happened to her last night? Cause she looked wanna run away.

Result of my confused mind was my bus left me… three buses.

Like usually as a single, Saturday is time for fixing all “personal” things, like facial, laundry, meet colleage, shopping, etc. And this morning my plan is visiting the dermatologist. Okay, finally I took economy bus and arived at the hostipal on time.

In the hospital, also funny thing happened. There is a toilet near dermatologist room, but the sign is only for the ladies. Then, some guys confused about the toilet and searching where is the man room (no man room!!). But, there was a man who used the lady’s room and looked innocent. How come???

Other thing about city is mal as one of “tourism resort” for the mass. All people come there on the holiday, just for having lunch or looking around without buying anything, or as a place for family to spend the spare time. In my home town, mal just a place for buying things, and not for the pleasure. They are gonna spend the holiday with family at home, mother cook special meals, visiting grand ma/pa, going to the beach or the zoo or the art festival…

To adjust myself, I always trying to see the benefit of things, like when the mal as the mass destination then there always beneficial things for the people (incld. great sale), and mostly I got good things but cheap ^__^ (but still, good things come for the experienced lucky person 🙂 ). Today I got suit for my nephew and 5 unique colorful ceramic mug.

Saturday looks great if I enjoy it, single and creative are very nice, and long distance relationship just one way to make me grow up. Happy Saturday for all, and especially for the beloved one (mr. JD) 🙂


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“once” you think about it, then you’re gonna find it
“once” you say about it, then you’re gonna face it
how often do you find the right person? “once”
“once” may well be the best music film of our generation
the best of the best at Sundance. a gift of a movie that is absolutely worth seeing more than “once”
so, just watch “ONCE”

hv a great weekend world………………!! 🙂

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Happy New Year….. ^^

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010…………….. ^-^

Wish that this year bring happiness for all…

n.b: sometimes happiness started by mysterious and weird things. So, never give up for every single thing in front, cause we’ve never know what the end. Just be positive.!.

gambarimasu.!. 🙂


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Hand Writing Letter

Tonight, when I got a spare time to enjoy the time by watching movies, which mostly talked about family and people around, who has various life problems, I just remember with the old way to connected with friends – by a hand writing letter.

When I was in junior or senior high school, when the technologies still limited, sometimes a letter could be a very nice way to communicate with friends or family (consider I stayed far from all people I’ve known).

At that time we thought using “hand writing letter” was enough, but for now, when the internet become a very important part of life (my life exactly), looks like we forget about the “old way”. Most people communicate via internet, also for the daily life, internet become another ways to express the thought – that’s way so many blogs on the space (previously some people had diary).

To me, hand writing is an art, because sometimes from the hand writing we could understand the personality. Just remember my primary school, where there championship of hand writing. That’s a great time for me – so nice ^^

Even I’m  living, working in modern life style and every single thing using high technologies, but “manual is always the best for me” he he he ….

In the “manual” era technologies safed us, but in the other hand, when every corner of life using technologies, “manual” gonna help us in some ways, in certain point.

Good night world.!.


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