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older n older

Time goes by and all things just gone. But still there’s bunch of memories worth to remember.

Just 30 years old I am.

If talk about achievement, probably half of my “kid’s dream” came true; then now preparing for the execution of next chapters.

When get older, my mind always flying to the memories of grandmother, who passed away at 100 (+) years old.
I knew her since she had become a tough single parent, then she babysat the grandchild; then she became older n older, going weak, couldn’t talk much, only ate traditional meal (honey + egg) + water, till at the end only a sip of water. Then she just smile n gone without any word….

Life is wonderful, I always saying. But ‘Yin n Yang’ always there…. Happiness n un-happiness 🙂
Yes, there’s no standard of happiness n un-happiness, it just depends on my perspective.

Based on my review, there some things that make people “pity on me” (I knew cause they said it). But after deep review, it’s just part of my life and actually not really bad (but challenge I thought). Again, it depends on the perspective.

Realistically, there some event made my tears rolling by (sometimes I called it un-happiness). But it’s ok, cause tears always be a good way to refresh my soul. I told myself: No time for give up, cause the sun still shining n the bird still singing 🙂

And after 30 years, I only feel grateful being a human n live in this fancy earth.

P.s: this year so unique cause surrounded by celebrations (Siwaratri, Saraswati, Laksmi, n Ganesha puja) – what a blessed n prosperous 30 ^^


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Once I’ve been in the desperate moment n once someone said ‘I know what to do, u no need to worry lah…’; suddenly I felt ‘OK’ 🙂

Life is wonderful, that’s my motto. But if it ‘too much’ and so many ‘too…. ‘, then I think life is not really wonderful anymore.

Pile of jobs is always OK, and the point is there always a way to make it done. But, when it become too much piles n nobody can help me; sometimes desperate feeling stop by. And I thought it happen to any kind of human.

In the middle desperate situation, thing I only need is a ‘help’ from capable n responsible person. That’s why when I heard someone said “I’m gonna help u. I know what to do and u no need to worry about it”; its just like fresh water in desert ^^

The last thing I wanna keep always up is spirit of moving, growing, n professionalism.

That’s all for today… Happy weekend for all n ciao…… 🙂


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Happy Wednesday….. happy for today 🙂  — cause today is 11-1-2012 ^^

When I was taking a breath n  seeing that I am 29 already, so many things had done… n still I make a wish for the running year n for the long run. And… one thing that made me feeling OK is the number.

Like this:

29 –> 2 + 9 = 11

11 + 1 = 12

29 – (11 – (1+1)) = 20

so, when 29….. it becomes 11-1-2012

AND, this post is number 111 🙂

Then, keep SMILE for me, cause I wanna See Miracle In Life Everyday 🙂


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First 15 days in 2011

Just 28 years old, here I am. Not a little girl anymore 🙂

Being 28 years old woman, for me it’s like entering new life, new theme, new path. When I was a kid, I planned my life become many blocks, start from primary schools, high schools, college, works, master degree, married, have kids, getting older, till last day in this world.

Seem likes too idealist, but that was kid’s dreams. And now, I’ve been realized that is not just a dream. It is something that I should fulfill with the useful thing, at least for myself n the closest. Even sometimes I thought that what I’ve done was annoying other people and might be disappointed them.

People said that standard of age is 100 years, then I just faced this life 28/100 of it. Still long time right? (hopefully) 🙂 — so many thing must done. Life is never flat, so many adventures in the future. Always trying to see the positive side.

Talk about dreams, every single person is unique. But to face the dreams, it needs braveness. For example, I wanna be a good mother like my mother did. And when I list the things, which came out after reviewed my mom’s past life, wao…. I do need a lot of practices. Mother said that “just be your self”. Yes, I’m gonna be myself, but at least I have preference too 🙂

Days come and go, there’s no thing exact sometimes. So many shadowy things, and I always trying to learn about them, just to make them clearer and understand it. And every day is a wonderful one.

just enjoy n be brave 🙂


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What a tough and beautiful 2010

Tonight, when I received award as one of innovative unit in my directorate, I just felt that so many things I’ve faced and done along 2010.

Tears…. so much. Hope n wish… really much. Happyness…. very much. “Tough n beautiful”, what I call for 2010.

When I looking back, start from 1st of January 2010, the most valuable thing that I’ve got is I found/understand/understood what I really want. And… to found it tooks for  many days.

I know it is not an easy thing, but at least I know where I wanna go. I know what I should do.

I remember when Mr Dough asked me “what do u want?” (for thousands time). Then I just said “I wanna be a brave and lovingly woman, also wanna live with the one  I love”.

The other thing was Mr Dough asked me to wrote down whatever I wanna do if I only have 1 last year in my life. The fact was “I just wanna be a teacher of children in ashram”.  I sat down and thought about it, and I knew that’s purpose (long time ago) of why I’m standing in this current place.

Past life is a history, disappointed is just part of journey. But I do belive if I have a braveness to face the days… there still a hope. Step by step I found, met, and got that hope. I met the great person, the one that I could share about this life. In the office I met many new projects, new experiences, new college, etc. Not easy, but still there must be a great thing behind the complicated/difficult thing 🙂

Then, how about 2011? Timeline gonna be done by next week, and… start working end enjoy ^-^

Stand up for this wonderful moment, born as a human 🙂


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My Life is Never Flat

Life is never flat
My life absolutely
One by one gone away
I now it gonna happen
Happen like what just happened

Tears, sadness, braveness
Friends that be the true friends

The alarm ring
Acknowledge that the days just come
The new days
Days that I choose to see
Days that where I wanna be

Flat or not is a choices
But I choose not to be flat
And I responsible for all the voyages
Mountain, sahara, river, high way, alley, etc…

Hurt, happiness, bleeding, hardness,
Just some part of my journey
Journey to back home…
Home that I always see only in my dreams…


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My feeling about my workshop is so calm and gorgeous. Finally I made it, workshop. There relaxing room with books in small library, the sofa, fire place, all of them in Balinese traditional style. One of the room I call machine room, which could call my friends and they are gonna be there while we are connected. Amazing small room. On the right side, there huge closet. So many beautiful gown, shoes, etc… I love this room.

Workshop made by natural material make me feel back to the nature. The smell of grass, the mountain view, bird singing…. ah…. how wonderful.

Traditional style always reminding me of my past life, I love it. I love every nock and cranny of the workshop. 🙂


** just change “workshop” with “myself”, then gonna be very nice.!.

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