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For the last 10 years, Jakarta changes so much, esp. in term of transportation. Currently there are bus, commuter line, and MRT as three main moda transportation those managed by government.

MRT live on March 2019, specifically on the week after Nyepi holiday. This MRT operates from Lebak Bulus to Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (HI). To constructed this, Indonesian government also worked with Japanese company.

When MRT live, government shared free ticket for the passanger (for a certain period) and I think most of people in Jakarta tried it, but not me.

Till last Monday, after having dinner with Bli Mangku, we got an idea to use MRT to back home. We entered the gate and the nuanse… I feel it is so much like Japan’s MRT station. Okay… this is normal, cause the developer were Japanese company 🤭

First thing first, I got the nuanse from the building color. Mostly light grey. Then, the ticket gate. Beside the gate on the right and left side, there are ticket counters and the staff always available; in purpose: if there is customer’s issues then it could be solved at once. The escalator logic also similar, escalator only for going up and stair for going down. Another one is the queueing design, it is similar logic with MRT I had seen in Japan. About the train, not so much different with other countries.

When we enter the train, like usual it is so fast. After 5 minutes we arrived, then one thing surprised me was the fare. It only IDR 1.500 (~ USD $0.11) 🤓😁👍👍👍

From that moment, MRT is my first choice of moda transportation from home to workplace ☺

We did enjoy this…


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