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Along this time I’ve been trying to find vegetarian resto, and I found mostly Indian resto and sometimes I couldn’t eat it cause too spicy or to hot or .. .., not my taste. But tonight, one of the milist member announced The World Vegetarian day 2009 Bazaar and Seminar, 17 – 18 October 2009, http://www.ivs-online.org

And, when I clicked the link, there list of all vegetarian resto in Indonesia. Wao…. why I just found this link now. But so far it’s a very good thing I thought, easier to get the right food and the right taste *_^

Last time I cooked vegetable and other vege foods, and sometimes I ate in the Javanese or Sundanese resto which sell various vegetables, and all of them were very very nice. But sometimes, when went out or had lunch with co-partner, I got a bit problem to chose the menu and the resto. Fortunately the merchants allowed me to request special menu – vegetables only.

Then, tomorrow is a great time to hunt the vegetarian foods……… so nice ^^

Hv a great weekend for all……..



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People said that I’m one of the most difficult person to eat. But I do not agree with them, so sorry…. Cause I have so many references of good places to eat, but might be they are not interested in.

Last few weeks I’ve tried some restaurants, and I found new favourite drinks (mix of bluberry, honey, and yogurt). It’s so nice and blast………. yummy….. ^^
We can find it in the Pan O restaurant – Pacific Palace Mall. There I also tried the coint pan cake. Wao…. great lunch, hehehe. At the time I ordered mushroom soup (a bit plain but really nice), mix juice, and coint pan cake. Hmmmm….. I love it..!!

Another place is Tiamo. It’s one of Italiano resto in Pacific Palace mall. Generally nothing I could eat, cause mostly the menu are not vegetarian. But… there one menu called sphagetti mushroom with cheese souces. Firstly it looks like ordinary sphagetti, but when the waiter serve it, wao…… it so big and so nice. Hmmm, great taste, worth for 70K rupiah. The environment so unique, totally different with the others. They have fairy castle ^^. When we come in, there oldy smell (all stuff are hand made – wooden stuff), so many old pictures, and fairy status hanging every where, with the flower exactly. The point is… it such of a very nice place to eat.

Then one day I’ve ate in Pawon restaurant, located in Bintaro. From outside it looks like a house, ordinary house, family house. When we enter the lobby, hmmm… nothing special, but after that there very nice place. They set the environment as Javanese style, with traditional music and stuff. Talk about menu, hehehe I thought it’s not the best place for me. Things I only can eat are “pecel” and “tahu”, but the taste is too sweet or too hot or …. (not my taste exactly). But I love the environment and the way they serve foods. They’re using white ceramics, and use long plate to serve “nasi kuning”. Wao…. a bit strange, but coolllllll ^^

I thought that’s enough for tonight. Later on I’ll continue to tell you guys… about food ^^


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Black Ribbon


When I heard “Black Ribbon”, I’ve been thinking, “what kind of thing is that?” Then, the waiter explained to me how they made the Black Ribbon.

 Black Ribbon

Actually, Black Ribbon is one of menus in “Ra Sushi” café, which take place in Cilandak Town Square (Citos). Black Ribbon is a new style of sushi, a little bit different with the original one. They combined Japanese rice, fish egg, avocados, salmon tempura with salad sauce on it, then they tight it up with seaweed (as the black ribbon).

The taste was really really nice. I loved it!!! Actually, I’m not a sushi mania, but this kind of sushi made me ate them more than my expectation. Salmon tempura with unique salad sauce gave me new experiences of taste. Frankly, I loved tempura so much and vegetables tempura is my favorite food.

 About the price, I thought it’s not really expensive, café’s standard. It’s around Rp 45,000 per portion consisted of 8 pieces (big size).

Anyway, Ra Sushi is a Japanese restaurant (café) but it has western architecture with Japanese wall accessories (pictures). The waiter/waitress didn’t use kimono and they hadn’t saying words liked “irasshaimase”, which means “welcome”. I think Ra Sushi is Indonesian café, I mean all the staff (including the chief) are Indonesian. But I don’t know about the owner.

When I checked the menu, I knew that they had high creativity in Japanese cuisine. There were some ordinary menus (Japanese standard), but they also had a lot of new menus (their own menus I mean). 



If you wanna find something new and amazing, just visit Ra Sushi café.



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Taros Purple

These past few weeks, I found new bread which always catch my eyes. Its name is Taros Purple, made by Billie Chick. They have slogan “The wonderful mood of baking”, and I thought I agree with that 🙂

Taros purple is kind of bread with purple cream inside. It has unique taste, don’t know how to describe it into words. It’s different with bread talk or daily bread or jesselyn cake. I thought they use different emulsifier for the bread, so the fiber looks different. Unfortunately, they didn’t specify the ingredient in the packages.

One thing that a little bit funny (I thought) is every time I went to the AM PM, why I found only one or two taros purple left ? Is it because it’s famous, so it has a lot of fanatic cunsumer ?  or AM PM only provide limited packages (maybe only five or three for each day) ? — I think tomorrow I should ask the guard about this.

Anyway, where we can find taros purple ? — of course in the Billie Chick cafe, which we could find in the Pondok Indah Mall or Cilandak Town Square or  AM PM in my office (Bapindo Plaza, Sudirman, Jakarta).

That’s all for now.



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