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A Thought: an introvert teacher/lecture

When an introvert follow the “teaching way or lecturing way”, somehow they become a really good teacher.

They share their thought, they help people to solve problems, they always try to answer relevan questions. They mingle with people in relevan manner.

People would see them as a “social person” and “happy person”.

But…. does anyone have in mind: haven’t they share about their own life, what they feel, what is their life’s difficulties, or how’s their life going ?

Hmmmm….. πŸ€”

An introvert “teacher” has an effective way to manage:

  1. What need to share
  2. What need to keep for themselves

From this short analysis, even though they “never give up” to share or helping others…. actually, they need helps too.

Things that people could do is just let them follow their way; let them to share their thought; let them be happy just the way they want to…. without questioning their own life. Just be kind.

Year 2020 gonna be better year for everyone. Never give up and stay true πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ™


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