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Why “ordinary balinese” ?

When I looked into my social medias, mostly I represent myself as ordinary balinese (small “o” and “b”). When I checked others, so many Balinese represent themselves as ordinary balinese.


The answer is simple: cause we are ordinary balinese 😊🙏

Then I have been thinking, why we really enjoy telling the world that “we are ordinary balinese”.?.

Actually, being a Balinese is something that I questioned about when I was kid. Why I born here as Balinese?.! Then my father said: it all related to Karmic cycle, perhaps you have duty in here or something else, so you born as my child.

Balinese in fact, has a strong value to proud of. Value about being a living thing. When I live a very traditional Balinese way of life, I found so much original value of being a Balinese; as an ordinary balinese.

Somehow I thought about “what kind of person when being non-ordinary balinese” ?

Hmmm… my view always directed to the value. When we are not living the balinese value whole-heartedly, then at that moment I call anyone as non-ordinary balinese. Seems like similar with context “real balinese or not real in term of engagement with the balinese’s value”.

Being an ordinary balinese, we need willingness to understand the meaning of life, because the Balinese value is very simple and basic. But in this modern world, sometimes somehow… we just cannot understand the basic knowledge; we directly jump into temporary fanciness.

So, let’s learn our core values and be just an ordinary person… so that’s gonna encouraged us to learn other valuable things more and more 🙏😊


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