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Blog review: my blog

In 2007, November 2007, I told myself to commit in writing stories… poets… knowledge in English. Then I built a blog in wordpress and name it: putusriartati.

After long way review, finally I chose blog theme entitled “misty look“. I fell in love at first sight with the theme, cause it is really represent my self (I thought at the moment). Then another ideas came out: When The Word is Yours. Another ideas came out again: Misty things make me confuse, only words can make it clear!

When I was thinking about it, for few minutes, right now I feel it all still valid and relevant and mysterious and lovely and beautiful, also unique. Yes, after 12 years…. it all still makes me enjoy my blog and see it as me, just me.

I searched in another blog, in fact… so many bloggers enjoy the “misty look” theme cause it is so unique and personal.

When we’re talking about blog or a place to write, to me the environment (in this case: the theme) becomes so much important because what I wrote represents my persona, so does the theme. I wish wordpress would keep this theme forever… 🙂

When talk about persona, I have one mission: share my thought (chosen one by me), in a hope that my experiences or my thought or my opinion or my way of life could inspire other to be better or to be more creative or to be more thoughtful.

Anyway, here is my blog’s capture…. just want to keep this as my documentation picture:



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