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I just finished my meditation and I am so happy cause I saw my father and we were breathing together. Suddenly I realized what he meant by doing routine meditation. Thanks Pa 🙏

Today is the last day in April 2019 and I experienced that taxi and grab were not choices, MRT it is.

Time shown 20.32 and I called for a taxi, and the call center answered if the queue around 200 and I need to wait for 1 hour to get a taxi. Then I tried to book grab bike, then the message appeared “all of our driver are busy, book again“, then I booked again and again. Finally I walked to the MRT station.

20 minutes later I’m at home, already!

Body excercise seems important to me today because since 7.30 a.m I was fully occupied; start from managing relationship with regions, then reviewing my team’s project, doing presentation to my boss, sharing knowledge with subsidiary, reviewing the bank’s annual plan book, etc…. till writing my own biography. And now I still have 4 homeworks those need to be done by tomorrow. 🙂🙂🤓🤓😁💪💪

Anyway, talked about April, this month gives me so much new experiences. It is about:

  1. Office matters; where I found new challenges and new assignments, new knowledge as a trainer or facilitator in Mandiri University, etc.
  2. Social network; where I met important people from other state-owned enterprises and we shared our thought, I got chances to mingle with student communities from universities in Jakarta and we learnt from each other, mingle with communities in Halim temple, etc
  3. Personal relationship; where I learnt believing is seeing…. the meaning of heart beat… self maturity is prominent… understanding is fundamental… etc

If I rethink and review what I had done, somehow I wondering… how can I made it all done well?

Hmmm…, actually I just did it. I just finished all things one by one, then I did remember to breath, and did not forget to say thank you.

In fact, almost every single day I worked late in April, and along the weekend I also fully occupied with social events. Fortunately I am healthy, happy, and succeed this month. Yeayyyy 😁😀🤩🤠🥳😍💃

Along the way, Bli Mangku Danu really supporting me at any dimension of my life. I do really grateful for having him 🥰

Last night he reminded me about Bhagavad Gita sloka 2.47. I have read it this morning. This is so lovely:

For all of these, I’d like to share my gratitude: Thank You Krsna, Thank You Universe, Thank you wie danu…. and thank you everyone 🙏😊


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For the last 10 years, Jakarta changes so much, esp. in term of transportation. Currently there are bus, commuter line, and MRT as three main moda transportation those managed by government.

MRT live on March 2019, specifically on the week after Nyepi holiday. This MRT operates from Lebak Bulus to Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (HI). To constructed this, Indonesian government also worked with Japanese company.

When MRT live, government shared free ticket for the passanger (for a certain period) and I think most of people in Jakarta tried it, but not me.

Till last Monday, after having dinner with Bli Mangku, we got an idea to use MRT to back home. We entered the gate and the nuanse… I feel it is so much like Japan’s MRT station. Okay… this is normal, cause the developer were Japanese company 🤭

First thing first, I got the nuanse from the building color. Mostly light grey. Then, the ticket gate. Beside the gate on the right and left side, there are ticket counters and the staff always available; in purpose: if there is customer’s issues then it could be solved at once. The escalator logic also similar, escalator only for going up and stair for going down. Another one is the queueing design, it is similar logic with MRT I had seen in Japan. About the train, not so much different with other countries.

When we enter the train, like usual it is so fast. After 5 minutes we arrived, then one thing surprised me was the fare. It only IDR 1.500 (~ USD $0.11) 🤓😁👍👍👍

From that moment, MRT is my first choice of moda transportation from home to workplace ☺

We did enjoy this…


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Today is 15th April 2019, and in the morning I had faced several things those made me sat and think and wept. Then I tried to list things those perhaps I could do.

In fact, the only thing happened is I was reading Bhagavad Gita for more than 5 slokas.

And now I’m writing this article, just to ensure in the future I could still read what happen today.

From Bhagavad Gita, the sloka reminds me again and again if I am just human being and I will leave this world when the time is come. There is no argue about this, and as human somehow I have no right to negotiate about this, cause it already designed and decided when I planned to be born in this world.

Bli Mangku always telling me to remember good thing, so we could collect all happy memories, and fulfilled our mind and soul with happy memories. But, I couldn’t just assumed “bad thing never happens”. I supposedly see both happiness and sadness as clear as I could be.

Since yesterday, actually I got some health issues, I feel and I think that I do need to visit an hospital. Also, I saw something about behavior mismatch in my relationship. Something that needs deep understanding and depth review among myself and bli mangku. It all about life, before-now-after of this life.

Life is mystery, that what I believe since childhood. It remains become the biggest mystery till now. What will happen in the next minute, or next hour, or next day… I do not know. And how other human behavior could impact the way we face this life; it also a mysterious formulation to me. It is true if “what we think as good behavior” gonna bring “good life as our expectation” ?

In fact, the other mystery is the human itself. Oneself cannot ensure or control what other human will do. Or, oneself cannot ensure or control that other human going to living the truth. Like what I had watched in Our Planet (one program in Netflix), human could change this earth from a very beautiful planet into the worse one. Human is scary creature and could behave multi-behavior at once.

Today, I hope and wish this day gonna bring positive energy to me and others. I hope and wish all creature could see what they need to see. I hope and wish all human being could realized what is human is.

Harenam Harenam Harenam







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Every day is new discovery

While holiday, there always new dicoveries in my simple routine. Today, at least I could improve myself on these 5 activities.

Just wanna put it as my daily memories. The point is all checked 😊

Tomorrow gonna be another discoveries, cause there is knowledge in every our step 🙂


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