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My december

Today is the last day of 2018 and fortunately right now is heavy rain outside, so I (especially) have a reason to stay at home, quietly, peacefully, lonely, think deeply, and feeling lovely.

Talk about feeling, if I feel lovely then lovely it is. If I feel bad then bad it is.

Back to my december.

This month actually mixing and interesting and lovely. Start from the office matter, all stuff must done before end of year, so it was really peak moment to me. Good thing is all done as planned ✌

Then I got chance to take 3 days leave, so I could celebrate Galungan at home in Bali. Also, I could visit the plantation, the rice field, and also build social relationship with community. Plus, I got chance to share my capability in term of “membuat sesajen ~ mejejahitan”. Plus, I got chance to teach children about traditional toys… my mission is make them stay away from gadget and TV for at least 1 hour or 2.

The unfortunate moment existed when there was a news about tsunami in Banten and Lampung area. It is really a turbulence…. because most of the victim are families (mother, children, new weds, etc…). It just happened suddenly when they were in the middle of joy… enjoy the night music show, enjoy the mingling nuanse with families, etc. I, myself, only could pray at the moment cause I need to focus on Galungan Holy days.

On the other hand, I do really appreciate Bli Mangku because he took the chance to become a volunteer to help the victims and government in the location..  start from Banten area and then to the South Lampung area. In fact, being a volunteer is not an easy job because we take full responsibility to ourself and also taking care others.

All the experiences in this month, honestly, bring me to new understanding about life… enhance my understanding about Bhagavad Gita… and I am really grateful for this life, for all experiences, for all love I received, for every single thing that I could share, for every breath I’ve take.

One thing that I commit at this month is to improve my sense of caring & sharing. 

There are some steps I build, such as willing to be “any time” trainer at the office because I want to share as much as possible and make people has better understanding about my expertise; voluntarily to develop a better business process in the work place (just helping people to enjoy their job, more); I encourage myself to continue my involvement in social activities with communities. Also, there is one important key: disciplin in daily meditation πŸ™‚

For the next month, and the next, and the next…. I am going to make it more meaningful, at least for myself. And also, it will be full of joy, happiness, and gratitude. I wish my dreams come true…. both professional and personal…. may Universe helps me and guide me to stay on the right track.

My Gratitude for all of these πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸŒΉβš˜πŸŒ·πŸŒΌπŸŒΊ

β™‘ni putu sri artatiβ™‘

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kenapa saya harus menolong dia,mereka?

pertanyaan sederhana yang memunculkan pemikiran dan perdebatan; jika ingin di debat dan dipikirkan.

Ketika kecil, setiap hari ada orang dateng ke rumah untuk barter kacang tanah atau kacang polong atau garam dengan beras. Mereka berpakaian sederhana dan banyak yang mengira mereka adalah pengemis; namun bagiku mereka hanya orang yang ingin melakukan barter saja. Namun, tidak semua orang bersedia melakukan barter dengan mereka.

Suatu hari, ku sendiri di rumah bersama nenek, dan kebetulan beras yang ada hanya sedikit di “jeding” (nama tempat penyimpanan beras ala orang bali). Tiba-tiba datang seorang ibu menggendong anak dan meminta barter garam dengan beras. Kami tidak kekurangan garam, so practically kami tidak butuh tambahan garam. Dan ku pun bertanya pada nenek: apakah kita bersedia untuk barter?

Nenek pun menjawab sederhana: jangan pernah “micingin” orang, yang artinya: jangan pernah menolak permintaan tolong dari orang yang benar-benar membutuhkan. Ibu itu ingin barter garam dengan beras karena mereka memang membutuhkan beras untuk makan; mengingat di desa mereka, mereka tidak mampu menanam padi, hanya mampu menanam kacang polong dan berkebun garam. Kalau kita punya beras sedikit, maka kita bantu sedikit… namun jika kita punya lebih banyak maka akan sangat bagus jika membantu lebih banyak.

Sekelumit kisah itulah yang selalu mengingatkanku untuk selalu berbagi. Misinya: aku ingin meneruskan misi nenek ku, yaitu tidak boleh micingan orang.

Siang ini kisah itu muncul lagi dalam benak tatkala Bli Mangku Danu menjadi sukarelawan untuk korban tsunami. Kisah nenek ku analogous dengan apa yg Bli Mangku alami.

Ada kala sekelebat muncul pertanyaan: kenapa saya harus menolong mereka?

Namun ada satu kalimat yang mampu menjawabnya: jangan micingin orang. Apalagi mereka benar-benar meminta bantuan kita karena mereka memahami bahwa kita mampu menolong mereka sesuai kebutuhan yang seharusnya.

Semua kisah seperti ini, relatively sulit dimengerti jika kita tidak berada di dalamnya; dan mungkin akan semakin sulit jika garis hidup kita tidak untuk menjalani hal spt ini. Namun ketika kita mampu melihat sisa positif dari konsep sederhana “jangan micingin orang”, maka indahnya kehidupan akan semakin terwujud.

life is lovely, when we could see it as a lovely thing; but it could be so hard when we see it as obstacle.

Mbah… matur suksma. Wie… matur suksma.



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Kitab teman seperjalanan

Di suatu pagi Bli Mangku membuka tas dan mengeluarkan sebuah buku berwarna orange yang sudah sedikit lusuh. Dia memegangnya dan berkata: ini taruh di rumah ya Geg.

Ku tertegun, ku heran… ada apakah gerangan…?.

Buku itu adalah kitab yang selalu menemani perjalanan Bli Mangku, sebuah kitab yang menjadi temannya dalam setiap perjalanan mengarungi tugas di dunia fana ini.

Ku terima buku itu, dan ku letak kan di tempat yang suci… ku baca buku itu… dan ku rasa setiap perjalanan yg dilaluinya bersama Bli Mangku.

Buku itu kini menjadi teman ku dan penjaga ku. Ku kan jaga tuk Bli Mangku… hingga Bli Mangku pulang. Dan lewat angin kuingatkan Bli Mangku tuk gumamkan sloka dalam kitab, meski kitab tak lagi menemani.

Wie, kitab menunggumu… adik menunggumu… πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—


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Bir bintang dan susu

Suatu masa, sepasang sahabat bengong memandangi tuannya, mereka adalah bir bintang dan susu.

Bintang: su, kenapa tuan kita terlihat bengong dan mengurus?

Susu: aku jg mikir dari tadi tang, kenapa dia spt itu

Bintang: su, kamu tahu harus ngapain utk si tuan?

Susu: ku akan membuatnya sehat, lepas dahaganya, dan kenyang perutnya πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ŠπŸ₯›πŸ₯›

Bintang: kalo aku… ku kan tenangkan dirinya, hangatkan badannya… shg dia tertidur dan tenang pun jiwanya πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸΊπŸ»πŸ˜Œ

Susu dan Bintang pun bengong, berkhayal… membayangkan dirinya bisa membahagiakan tuannya. Dan mereka pun berdoa.

Tuannya pun menoleh dan menatap mereka berdua… tangan kanannya merangkak menyentuh susu, dan crok… seruputtt… gelegek…. senyum sekilas muncul dan merekah nuansa wajah tuannya. 

Namun, sesaat berlalu… kembali tuannya bengong dan melayang matanya nanar. Bintang pun berharap tuk menolong tuannya. 

Tuannya menoleh pada Bintang, dan pandangan nanar dan rasa dingin menerjang si Bintang. Tangan tuannya merangkak menyentuh si Bintang dan menatapnya lekat… ku butuh hangatmu. 

Bintang tersenyum dan gelegek gelegek… memerah pipi sang tuan dan pandangan nanar berubah menjadi sayu dan lelap dalam gelapnya malam. Bintang merengkuh setiap inci organ pencernaan tuannya dan bersyukur bisa menghangatkan tuannya hingga terlelap.

Susu dan Bintang…. dua sahabat yg akhirnya bersama dlm lambung sang tuan. Mereka pun berbahagia πŸ₯›πŸ»πŸ₯›


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Nasihatnya: jk Hyang Widi berkehendak maka…

Malam ini, ku jalan kaki menyusuri keramaian kota metropolitan. Ku rasa sumilir angin, asap kendaraan, lambaian daun pepohonan, suara cengkrama masy di sekitar, dan bisikan isi kepalaku.

Langkah sedikit gontai karena ku rasa lelah… mungkin krn tidurku tak cukup ato makan ku kurang ato hanya perasaan ku saja bahwa hidup melelahkan.

Ku tengok kanan, kiri… ku pandang gedung bertingkat… ku tersenyum pada penjaja aqua… ku sapa sang duafa..Β  ku langkahkan kaki menaiki dan menuruni anak tangga yg disebut “tangga setan” oleh anak jaman now.

Hatiku sempat hampa, namun pikirku menyapa… hati, ingatΒ  gak dg nasihat romo sukiyo?

Hati jawab: yang mana? Nasihatnya banyak.

Pikirku kembali senyum dan berucap: kata romo, jika Hyang Widi berkehendak maka apa yg direncanakan akan terjadi, jadi tetep harus sabar…eling…dan santai.

Hati mulai berdegup… merasakan senyuman si angin, nakalnya kardon dioksida, dan ramahnya tanah paping dan jalan berkelok.

Iya ya… apalah diriku ini, kata si hati. Ku hanya segenggam daging yg berdegup atas kehendak Hyang Widi. Lalu kenapa ku harus pusing protes “seharusnya begini, seharusnya begitu”…. hmmmm…. maafkan saya Hyang Widi, kata hati. Ku kadang suka terlalu sok… sok mampu… sok macem macem, padahal sesungguhnya hanya Hyang Widi yg mampu berkehendak.

Hyang Widi, terima kasih banyak atas berkah-Mu sehingga aku ingat nasihat romo. Terimakasih karena aku bisa mendengar dan merasa… ucap si hati. Terimakasih πŸ™


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Lovely tiring day – 181218 πŸ˜Š

Now, 18-12-18 at 18 minutes to 00.00 : I just open my door and relax. Welcome home putu… after tiring lovely day.

Today, since morning all things looked tough and complicated, and fortunately I could stay calm and rethink and talk slowly and smile while sharing my thought to solve the issues.

At the moment, I realized that vipassana meditation really working well. When we are in the middle of complicated situation, one thing that need to concern is how to manage the stability of my body and soul. FinallyI succeed to make sure myself to stay healthy,  stay awake, stay sharp, and think logically till all thing done OK.

Nah, well done putu!!! I told myself. Don’t let anything ruin your “holy day”. Today is my “holy day” with bli mangku. And we celebrate it by working and working… sharing and sharing… spreading the positive energy and spreading it over and over… our goal: make today as meaningful day πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

Today, finally I got chance to take picture in office lobby. I like Christmas celebration and accessories, even though I am a Hindu. I like the cheerful nuance and the joy of Christmas.

Honestly, I enjoy this day… I really grateful for every single little thing. I just feel OK and eager to share ideas, even though so much issues which is need my extra effort. Also, I wanna share my gratitude to the universe for every thing I have experienced along this time. Thank you πŸ™‚πŸ™

Also, thank you so much for wie danu for all things… all… anything… Ishouni gambarimasu ne πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜šπŸ€—πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ’•


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Beautiful monday

Today is Monday, 17 dec 2018.

When I woke up because of the alarm, there was mixed feeling… some made me smile and some made tears rolling by. Then i reminded by a statement from bli mangku danu: bad or good is just your perspective.

Suddenly I wanna see today as beautiful Monday in a hope that today will be a real great and beautiful day.

Some people pretty afraid entering Monday cause we need to deal with office matter again and some think that office stuff are difficult and out of joy.

But like what bli mangku said again:

your life is about work, what ever you do is a work, at home or in the office, or in vacation… everywhere, even when you are taking breath is actually working.


This statement make me rethink that I have to survive, at home… in the office… while washing, cleaning the house, having sport, servicing others, etc…

I am going to make today as beautiful and meaningful and great and lovely day…. cause it worth to be like that.

May Krsna bless me. Harenam Harenam Harenam… and wie, thank you so much πŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ€—


Edited per Monday, 17 Dec’18 at 6.10 pm

So far, I did some thing and to me it is positive thing. I decided to open myself to become a trainer in 2019, and Mandiri University team agreed my proposal. Actually I wanna encourage the young staff to share their knowledge to other; and I need to act as role model.

Also about some issues in work place, we have some clue to solve it. And also I got new assignment. Wowoww…

Hebehbehehbwbew… putu san, gambate ne πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ


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