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my november

At this moment I feel old and full ~ my stomach is full ^o^#`~~.

Today is Monday and like usual, it is pretty busy and it occupied me from 7:30 till 17:00. Also, today I got some schedules for meeting “important case or people”, then I got snack box. Okay… snack box! in total, today I got 3 boxes or 11 pieces of cake/pastry. WOW….. in fact I cannot finished it all. My stomach seems getting smaller and smaller 😀

Talk about my november, it is really a sweet november. I found some interesting facts about myself:

  • Finally, there was moments when I realized my stupidities and I laughed at myself freely… that was such great moments. Laughing to my own stupidity 😀
  • I started fasting again, frequently and being more healthy. This is lovely and so nice
  • I found some things in Lampung when I visited the city. Something old and unique and beautiful… sounds like.. might be in the previous life I was swing by in that place. Who knows.
  • I found lesson every single day which was make sense and relevant. The lesson came from sudden experience, or after reading, or something else
  • I  realized that heart-to-heart communication is a real matter, and I do really enjoy it
  • I do enjoy accompanying bli mangku while servicing the communities in temple or in remote areas.
  • I learnt so many new things related to “priest matter” and I think it all are lovely challenges hehehehe

Look into my previous month, still I continue my program ~~ cooking for my self 🙂

Oh btw, last week I got two big bananas from the old man. He is a fruit seller and usually he’s available in front of the gate of the house every evening. He asked me to buy some fruits and finally I bought 2 bananas; BIG BANANAS. For info, I ate one of them as breakfast the next day and I didn’t ate anything else till lunch time.

About work, I got new homework… 7 new items and I see it as a wonderful things; even though I know it is hard and complicated sometimes. Hopefully my creativities always flowing like the water flows and wind blows hehehehe 🙂

Talk about life, there also some uncomfortable moments existed: when a young friend passed away, and my neighbour also passed away, and also last saturday my cousin passed away. May God blesses them all and they rest in peace.

That’s all… and next month will be more and more wonderful moments…. believe it and I’ll see it



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Prambanan temple

When I was a little child, my father told me about a magnificent Hindu temple in Central Java called Candi Prambanan. There was some moment when we watched it in the television and I was so excited because the temple so wonderful. All those beautiful thing in other provinces encouraged me to explore Indonesia. Fortunately my parent always support me. Thank you.

Prambanan temple located in Jogjakarta ~ around 40 km from Borobudur temple in Magelang (Buddhis temple). This close distance actually just because both temples are connected. To me, both temples remind me of very memorable personal experiences.

At this lunch time, I searched in Google “Prambanan temple” and I looked into the images ~ all those beautiful pictures. I suddenly feel so grateful and I wanna share my biggest gratitude to everyone who discover the temple and rebuild it and manage it very well; so I can see it and visit it again and pray in it. It is all looks so real… just the way it used to be. The temple’s beauty still in there and it will always be there; including all the memories.

Today is a holy day for the temple: Wrehespati Wage Wuku Taulu. May God always bless us all 🙂





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