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my october

Today, 26th of October 2018, I wanna share about life and many things inside it.

While I’m writing this article, I realized that my hand-phone battery only 16% left, then it is 12.24 am. Gloomy light of my computer was accompanying my lunch; it all looked nice and cozy; I just feel nice and relax.

In fact, this October is one of “challenging month” in my life; start from personal matters, professional, and also things related to relationship (love life). Then when I sat down, I closed my eyes, breathe and relax; I feel everything is OK and I saw every thing flows as it should be. Even though there also some points where I felt lost in my mind and got confuse ~ well known as monkey mind phenomenon. And when I re-focusing my mind to my breath then all back on track again. These all are part of my experiences while practicing my “3-months vipassana meditation”.

Another interesting part of this October is an experience when I visited temple with bli mangku danu; especially while meeting the society. So many questions and answers and smiles and happiness and reliefs and acceptance. I only could share my gratitude to the universe for all of those. After 8 years of waiting, then it happened; it is really happened.

Another new experience on this October is I develop new program special for myself ~ in purpose to “put more focus on myself”. The program is “cook for myself and having breakfast and dinner at home ~~ all is home made by me”. Frankly, I just feel good with this and will continue this program for the next couple months or years. I remember someone – Mr. Anan, who was telling me to cook for breakfast and dinner because he thought street food or restaurant product are not good for my health. Thank you mister…. I do really appreciate it and I know you’re right.

There also something beneficial on this month, I was having dinner twice in Marche, in purpose of having fresh meals and “beer promo” 😀 The promo so alluring: buy 2 bottles and got 1 bottle for free + 1 bugle free + 1 ticket free for a “Marche game”. This is nice…. thank you so much wie danu for the dinner ♥ 🙂

This month is lovely month, I will remember it very well. Thank you wie danu for all. Next, I’m gonna make our next month and the next and the next become more interesting ~~ full of happiness and joy ~~ full of blesses ~~ and always full of gratitude.



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