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The keeper and me

Today, when I checked my gallery then I found a picture which remind me of my keeper; plus today I use same nail colour in fact. Here is the screen shoot picture from my IG:

And here is my nail colour today:

It was a moment when I was in hospital and the doctor said that I have to remove my nail color. Actually it is gel type, so I need to visit nail sanctuary to remove it; but at the moment I couldn’t go anywhere. So, he put so much effort to remove the color and he succeed… yeayyy!!!

To me, it is a romantic memorial moment. I want to keep it in my mind cause it is part of my life in fact.

Wie, thank you so much…


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The good quote

I love to collect the good quotes which fit with my condition. This one perhaps like “common” and “has not big meaning”, but when someone I love said this…. my tears rolled by, but I have to say “no” because I don’t wanna be a burden for him, so he could fullfilled his duty

Here is the quote:

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Inner happiness :)

Today is a “day-for-my-soul” peacefullness cause I do really wanna be alone. Then the holy silence place, such as temple, is my most favorite. 

When I need a time for my soul and innerself, I just wanna stay quiet and listening the nature – bird singing, wind blows, sun shining – then I will fly to the other dimension of my life where so much peacefullness and shines. 

Being alone and mingle with my own self is a beautiful  moment and so calming. Understanding my own self is a great achievement for me. 

Conversation with my innerself is a most important thing, esp when finally I found what I need to find. Then, share all those thing with someone is another most important part… and the one is my mother, cause she really knows me. 

After all those journeys, I feel light and all those burdens are released. At that moment I found my innerself happiness.

From my today’s experiences, I am really grateful for all these chances and having her as my mother… I can be honest about myself, my feeling, my thoughts; and she didn’t judge me, besides she really understand about my life.

Thank you meme… I love u 🤗🤗


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Life, You always kind. Thank U!

Life, I know You are good

You are really nice and lovely

You’re really tough to me

but You always hold me and hug me endlessly


You’ve shown me Your kindness again

again and again till the only word I have is “thanks”

I was felt alone, which actually not

You were my company along this time


Till one day You showed up in person and said “hi”

and I didn’t recognize You till the other day

and still… till now You’re always here

watch me, be my company in the silence of late of night


thank you… thank you for bringing all these new chances



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It always lovely – bracelet

Here is gifts that gifted by wie danu. After years, it still lovely. Today I combine it – the wood and stone.



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