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Love story of The Night Shift

Last year I bought some novels cause there was big sale and I found some books those fit my feeling. Like usual I bought books mostly by feeling 😊✌

One of those books entitled Night Shift and when I read the first chapter then I knew this book is interesting. This book is about a human-formed who can shift into animal and they live in a pack. There are many packs in the story such as Leopard, wolf, lynk, jaguar, cat, etc…

This book is categorize fiction, but in fact there is an ancient story about human who can shift into animal; vice versa.

When I read this book, I’ve been reminded of my own story when I searching someone for the entire of my childhood and I found him when I was late twenty… 27 years of searching; and we finally share our vision, dreams, commitment and support to each other. It all really means to us… it already 8 years by now ☺

Back to the book, here are some interesting part from the story, e.g:

  • They live in the modern city and manage important business sector and they are very rich
  • They can live both as human and as an animal… when they are in the human form, they can sense their animal instinct. When they are shifted into animal, they also can think like human
  • The most unique part is about their mate (lover). They manage way of life: single mate for the whole life. They can sense which is their mate and they will searching for the entire of their life… in average they live for hundreds of years; and they could meet their mate after a hundred of years (just depend on their destiny)
  • Talk about mate, it can be mix for example Leopard and Lynk or Leopard and Wolf. They think it is very fine because mate is a fundamental matter and they just cannot predict who is their mate; it could be their friend in the pack OR could be from another pack and another form. They really praise something called LOVE πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ˜Š

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Ketika merenung menjadi sebuah keharusan

Kenapa orang yg moksa atau mencapai nirvana itu kebanyakan para pendeta suci yang mana aktifitasnya banyak merenung, meditasi, menyerapi makna kehidupan, bajik dan bijak, serta selalu tawakal…?

Aku belum lah sampai pada tataran para cerdik pandai bijak dan bajik, aku hanyalah manusia biasa yg terkadang kurang waras… namun aku suka merenung dan dengan merenung aku merasa lebih waras dan tenang menghadapi kehidupan.

Begini renunganku… ketika ku tarik nafas pelan…. ternyata nafas itu sangat nikmat, dan terlintas kondisi orang yg sesak nafas atau org yg menjelang meninggal… terlihat nafas menjadi satu-satunya penolong mereka. Disini lah aku jadi semakin waras ketika tanpa kusadari aku berucap “terimakasih Tuhan, aku masih bisa nafas dg mudah dan lancar”.

Terus aku lihat foto-foto orang di instagram atau facebook atau whatsapp status… ku merenung begini: ada orang yang merayakan ulang tahun anaknya di restoran mewah sangat bahagia… namun ada juga yg merayakan ulang tahun di KFC dengan bahagia… namun ada juga yg meniup lilin di ruang tamu sederhana dengan kue seadanya dengan sangat bahagia. Kesimpulanku: ternyata bahagia itu sangat relatif. ✌

Lagi ku lihat sisi kehidupan berbeda dan membuatku merenung…. banyak orang suka gonta ganti pacar dan merasa sangat mudahnya mencari pacar; bahkan dg mudahnya memutuskan hubungan atau bahkan tega mencemooh… namun ada org yg susah payah utk mendapatkan satu pacar dan ketika dia berhasil punya pacar maka rasa bersyukurnya teramat sangat besar. See… life so contradictive. Hal ini sama dg sesuatu yg disebut uang. Ada yg merasa bosan dg uang yg banyak… namun ada yg sangat bersyukur ketika punya uang 50 perak.

Merenung membuatku mengingat banyak hal… merenung membuatkan melihat banyak hal… merenung membuatkan sadar akan banyak hal… merenung membuatku bersyukur atas semua ini…. merenung membuatku mampu bercita2… merenung membuatku sanggup tuk bangkit… merenung membuatku sabar… dan merenung membuatku semakin memahami makna dilahirkan ke dunia fana ini.

There always a reason for any event and it all worth to think about and when we understand it well then all always make sense… cause everything in this world is make sense at the end


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A moment

There was a moment when we laugh to each other

There was a moment when we crying together

There was a moment when we don’t wanna talk to each other

There was a moment when a smile, a touch and a kiss become our greatest bless

There was a moment when we make a promise to each other 



There will be a moment when we will stay…living together and talk about all those memories… and rewind it over and over

The moment will come… very soon… cause it means to come.


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Dreaming and praying

Today, I re-make my dream after seeing something new about myself. In fact, I do capable and reliable to taking care other people… and I’m happy with that.

Years ago I made one big dream, so big for me. Actually, I think this is a common dream cause everyone want it. But for me, it is a crucial and big dream which involve all levels of lifes, also related to Karmic cycle.

The dream is about building a family (with husband and children inside).

There was moments when I was afraid of dreaming cause life pretty tough and I thought I couldn’t make it done well. Then, there was other moment when I feel so high and passionate about life and so positive and optimistic and there was braveness for dreaming again.

Today is one of the days when I re-make my dream again: to be brave of dreaming something big and I do really pray about it. On that moment I reminded by childhood slogan which my mother always said: stay positive, never give up, be kind, and when the time is come then your dream will come true perfectly.

So, today… April 6, 2018… I share my wish to the Universe and I do believe He hear me and put concern on me and He will make it perfect and He will show me the progress

Thank you Universe… Harenam Harenam Harenam


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