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Twin flame

Universe always teaching me with His own way and most of the time I cannot predict it. This time about twin flame

Then what is twin flame?

At the beginning, I found a unique video in youtube which title contents two word “twin” “flame” with icon two hands (blue color represent water and red color represent fire). I was listening the prologue in the video and it made me stunned cause this twin flame is about our relationship with someone that beyond “only soul connection” but also spirit and hundreds of years of karmic cycle. WOW…

If we google twin flame, then this definition will appears:

Clearly twin flame makes lot of confusion when we couldn’t understand ourselves and what is the meaning of our existence. 

As my experiences living this world, understanding the meaning of my existence is a super tough duty cause till now…after 35 years, I am still asking “what is exactly my meaning” then there is no clear answer till now. Might be there is already but I couldn’t recognize it yet. 

So, things I could do is learn to see things comprehensively and open mind and see things the way it is and feel it… just feel it…. when someone said “I like you” to me, then I will share it to the universe and ask Him if he is my twin flame. Time will answer it for sure… when situation going up and down, the one who always stay is “considerly” my twin flame (based on definition in you tube).

Talk about video in youtube about 6 stage of the twin flame romance, there is a concept about runner and chaser. When in a bad time which causing one of the twin feel desperate and running away from the situation, then the other one gonna chase her/him so they will always be together; cause they always feel that they are means together. For the detail just click link https://youtu.be/zIFLAJjbFuo

Hopefully, everyone of you… the holy souls could meet your twin flame and living this life together to end the karmic cycle.

Today, I feel that seems like I found my twin flame already, and the theory is very valid cause in fact there are some difficult situations I was facing and after years gone by we’re still together till now

May Krsna blesses me and show me the way that He designed for me… Harenam Harenam Harenam


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Book review: the ONE thing

I have a habit of exploring book’s cabinet; in the house or in the library or in the book store. I like to feel the books…guessing the author’s purposes when they chose the title… I like to sensing the book till I found one book that fit me. One day in the Detroit international airport I found this book entitled The ONE Thing.

When I read this book, there are some items..words..tips those remind me of some advises from my advisors. It all about ONE thing that I really wanna do in this life.

Frankly, this book in general talks about how we can manage ourselves, so we can choose what we need to focus on and how to prioritize it to generate the best (maximum) result. There are 3 tips to make this true and here they are:

Other thing that made me read this book became my priority is there are other different perspectives from the “most people common sense” when we are talking about equality, life balance, think big, and multitasking 😁

Those four statements are my favorite and I reminded about the clear definition of those, such as multitasking is for the computer not human… even computer cannot exactly do the multitasking. I thought it is really valid. Then about equality… I decided to agree with the statement that equality only relevant when we’re talking about human right.

Also, read this book such a self reflection to me because there are so many statements and challenges to drive me think about what is my ONE thing?

Here are interesting graphs that compare Entrepreneural vs Purposeful (purposeful = when we defined our ONE thing and focus on it):

When I rewind some events in my life, these two graphs are really valid. It was not always talking about office job, but also any kind of events in life.

Overall, I like this book cause so much clearance to me but I think we need to be wise about these cause we live in this earth and there are so many things happened  beyond our control. Yes we had already focus on our ONE thing as long as we can handle it, but somehow there was no result as we wanted…I thought, might be we need to stretch ourselves and be optimistic, also never losing faith to keep going for our ONE thing.

While reading this book, I found two films which so relevant with this: Hitsudan Hostess (autobiography of Saito Rie) and The Vanishing of Sidney Hall. Both films telling a story about how they live with their ONE thing and they focus on it.

Back to the book, actually this book is easy to read with simple contents list like this:

If somebody wanna buy this book, it’s around $25 USD. I think this book is worth the price.

That’s all for now… still, be grateful for every single thing πŸ‘β˜Ί


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Do we really need a marriage and a child?

When I read an article in Financial Times about Electric Vehicle in the future which might be increase the need of copper become 100,000 tonnes per year in 2030, so the world need to increase the amount of new available copper each year by 60% (FT 20 March 2018, page 20); suddenly I remember of the “end of this earth”. Then I remember all these new born children… what will happen with their future and do they will still stay in this earth OR might be move to the moon or mars because the earth no longer exist OR no longer beautiful as now.

Five minute after read the article, then I review the human life and how they are really engage with marriage and eagerness of having children… then I ask myself: do we really need a marriage and a child? if the future getting worse (compare to now).

When I think deeper, the answer seems like “maybe”; maybe yes or maybe no.

Then what is the right answer? I just don’t know yet.

If I look into the Karmic concept, which said that we are living this life in the earth is part ofΒ punishmentΒ because in previous life we did something wrong. Then I could see, whatever I saw in this life for 35 years are actually connected and build a pattern… might be those patterns are my path, so I could move to a better place. However, the most interesting part is we (human) don’t have full capability to design our path. We certainly can try everything (as far as meet the range); but there is already available the grand design of our path. One of the paths for mostly people is about marriage and having children.

If we think about it or watch news about it; there are so much events and scenarios which people call “sadness”, “happiness”, “family problems”, “kid problems”, “late marriage”, “marriage by accident”, et cetera.. The question is why this event and scenario exists? is it also part of the grand design so people could finish their punishment? or this is the way so Karmic cycle can be continued?

I thought, might be this is a combination of those two; as a punishment people have a duty to continue the Karmic cycle, or might be vice versa. They have to follow all events and scenarios designed one full-pack (happy-sad-angry-joy-desperate-proud-bless).

Then, if we talked about grand design of living creature, it seems like unique for every single entity. That is why no single entity has a similar life; all have their own good and bad side differently. That also makes no single entity could judge about another entity; that’s why the wordΒ equalityΒ only exist and relevant when we are talking about human/creature right.

So, to me… look into the situation in this earth and Karmic cycle, thing I only could suggest is be a grateful person for whatever we see/experience/feel/think cause we only follow the grand design. If we destined to get married and having children… embrace it with full of gratefulness, even though we could predict the future of this earth might be not really good. But if we are not destined to get married, then don’t be sad… there are another paths that need to be followed and must done before we’re leaving this earth.

Most of the time we tried, yes we tried to do what we think are right for ourselves.. for our lover.. for our kids… for our families… for our societies… for this world.. for this earth; but if it beyonds our path, so there will be no result as we wanted.

Just be grateful, never stop to do good things, and keep trying!!!



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life looks tough and it’s OK

Today is a celebration that we call Pagerwesi – Balinese Hindu celebrate it 4 days after Saraswati celebration. Today we do reflection and pray to God for goodness and fortune.

While self-reflection processes, I found my life sometimes looked pretty tough and tears started rolling by… then I thought it is very OK. Life looks tough and it’s OK. The point is how we address the situation when it looks tough.

As a mundane, I usually cannot sleep when so many things bugging in my head, then I’ll rewind my father’s advise: take a breath and exhale slowly, then share your sorrow to the universe… release it slowly… embrace the universe… hold it tight as it your lover… universe is always kind and always willing to help you, so do not hesitate to share your feeling to the universe. Then I’ll relax and sleep and having good dreams πŸ™‚

Having good dreams while real-life is tough… it is like “water in the middle of the desert” which release all obstacle and I had chance to laugh freely. By the way, ability to laugh is the best part of my life. This reminds me of a movie entitled Captain Underpant — laugh is the greatest power. I’m grateful that I always can smile and laugh even life is tough; I call it a gift.

At this holy day, I also reminded by Bhagavad Gita that said: actually whatever happened, happened for the good, whatever is happening, is happening for the good, whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only

Then I inhale-exhale for couple of times and see thing from many perspective, then those words sounds very valid to me.

The other sentences from Bhagavad Gita that touch me so much: what is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours. it is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrow.

So, I think there is no excuses to say “thank you” to the universe cause He always so kind to me, and always give me chances, also support me so I can live this life till now. Perhaps I still have so many things need to be done, so I have to survive till then.

Universe, thank you… I love u πŸ™‚


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Living enough

These last couple of months I have such a routine activity to watch YouTube about living big in tiny house, till I found some of it about Japanese tiny house.

One link I found is here: https://youtu.be/TYVJbupG3Xg

The video about an 8 meter square apartment in downtown Tokyo with US$600 cost per month (including all Wi-Fi and nice comfortable environement).

Based on my experiences living in Japan years ago, Japanese people like small apartment and they choose thing carefully so could meet their need and fit with the available space. That’s make them always being creative I thought. Also, there is one sentence I love so much about it “living enough”. They enough with themselves and all those “limited” belonging, also they really appreciate small little things.

I do really appreciate their way of life and I wanna be like that too…so that’s why I always seeking ideas about small house but meet my needs. Perhaps, unconsciously, that also makes me still stay in this cozy small room… still, I’m thinking: I don’t really need big space cause this still enough for me.

So, let live big in tiny house πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘


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