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Generally: I don’t like phone call

When technologies enter this world and I know something called telephone and then handphone, actually it is very nice thing for me. When we have only telephone, I only called my parent. Then when I have handphone, I only made call for business matters and personal family matters. The rest…. I prefer use chatting or messenger stuff. Why?

Perhaps cause I like see things from words. Same like number, when I see people’s writing… somehow I could understand them. And because I don’t  talk much for sure… Also might be because my finger tougher than my tounge hahahahhaa πŸ˜†, so I could write pages in silence . On the other hand, actually I like sharing and teaching…. only for good stuff I capable of and related to my expertise.

Sometimes my preference doesn’t fit some people when they prefer talking than writing. Ya, I will adjust myself and talk to them ☺☺

Ok then… let’s continue to enjoy holidays by watching great movie 😊😊


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Expression of my heart

Spending holidays by watching movies all day long give me a new idea. The movie entitled Rebbel In The Rye which telling a story about young writer who went to a battle in Germany, then he came back to US with all those bad dreams from the experiences. He cannot write anymore till he visit Hindu temple and share his experience to the priest. Then the priest ask: do you write for the publication OR as expression of your heart?

Aha! This is it… 

 Look into myself, since kid I like writing anything about anything I’ve seen or what I feel or what I wanna speak about. That’s  why my slogan is “misty things make me confuse, only words can make it clear”.

And if you, my beloved reader, read my blog… the topic could be from many perspectives with so many categories… just depends on my heart πŸ˜€

That’s  all for now… enjoy holiday.


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Double-ikat weaving

Talk about weaving, this is one skill that my grandma never told me. She said: you focus on learning at school and if you need clothes then visit shops or mall. Wow…. time changes already hahahaha
3 years ago I visited a traditional cultural tourism resort in Tenganan (Bali aga) in Bali. I learned many things about their local culture, esp the way they weaving. Their concept called double-ikat.

This concept makes the product very unique and valuable cause no-other product from other places I’ve seen like theirs. If we look into the process and price, certainly very very exclusive and premium. They picked by themselves the tree’s skin or root then made it as yarn and colouring ingredient. So natural… everything came from nature. 

Talk about price… it is variative depends on the clothes age. Longer then more expensive. 

While visiting the shop, the seller was telling us if her mother gave her a piece of clothes and if we re-valuate… the price could become around 20 or 30 millions IDR. Wowow.!.

About the weaving theme, it all traditional theme and they said it all full of meaning. If I rewind my grandma bed stories, long long time ago this village has very famous story about the clothes and how they made it. 

Then, can we learn weaving in there?

If we visit the village, they’ve shown us their ways but I’m not sure they allow us to learn the detail.

Here picture of village and my picture using the shawl…

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The keeper

Love… what is love…

He said: being a keeper till last breath

Why… why like that…

He said: too much reason and words for that

Caring…. sharing… calming… cheering… are part of his soul

Patient is his way of life

That what he calls pure love

Note: my gratitude for my keeper… πŸ˜™

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Lenan Indonesia – pearl of silk

Lenan is an Indonesian brand for premium silk-batik. Now I wanna share my experience regarding the products which made me wonder at the time; esp about the processes to make a piece of batik.

Couple years ago I arranged an event, a farewell event; and I a bit confused about the gift till a friend told me to visit Lenan boutique. I went there, considering it was near by the office. It was not like other boutique, but  a home… confy house. I said hello and a lady came up. 

Inside the house there are so many beautiful material…. silk. I amazed and thought that “this is the wonderful of Indonesia”… wow.!. The lady picked some pieces of batik material for men and women and told me about the processes to make a piece of it :

  1. They made it inhouse in Jogja
  2. They choose the material very very carefully; including for the colouring
  3. The processes could take for months; esp for the complicated design such as combination of kniting and batik-ing with material based is silk
  4. Colouring sometimes is the most crucial parts because their colour so unique and shadowy multi-colour; which make it more beautiful

I do really appreciate the processes and that make the piece of batik becomes valuable and personafication of the maker. Finally I bought one set premium-pink shadowy-ladies silk-batik material which cost me around 14 million IDR and one piece of man silk-batik material with cost around 3 million IDR. Wow…. these were one of best gift and I wish the receiver will manage it well. 

Also the lady gave me a bonus, here is the picture (this is silk with batik and knit):

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Cinta “Pohon Tulasi” – 1812 β™‘:)β™‘

Pohon tulasi adalah tanaman yang merupakan symbol Krsna (avatara Wisnu) dan saya sangat menyukai pohon tulasi sehingga saya mencari bibit tulasi ke berbagai tempat dan bertanya pada banyak orang. Hingga akhirnya seseorang berkata: saya punya banyak pohon tulasi dan akan mengambil bijinya untuk mu; nanti bijinya tinggal disebar ditempat yang suci dan bersih karena pohon tulasi sangat suci.

Ya, I was so so happy… and grateful. Finally saya mendapatkan bibit tulasi dan si pemberi adalah si pemilik “punggung lusuh” (silahkan baca artikel saya berjudul “punggung lusuh” ) πŸ™‚

Hari yang ditunggu pun tiba, satu plastik biji tulasi saya terima. Saya berjanji pada diri sendiri untuk menjaga biji tulasi tersebut penuh kasih sayang. Tertanamlah biji tulasi di tanah yang kami sucikan dan ternyata dia tumbuh dengan subur dan indahnya… terciptalah budaya baru di keluarga kami: sembahyang dengan daun bunga dari pohon tulasi.

Ternyata, biji tulasi ini bisa tumbuh dengan subur apabila ditanam di tempat yg suci dan tentu dengan penuh cinta kasih.. selayaknya orang Bali yang menganut konsep bahwa seluruh makhluk hidup harus dicintai… apalagi tanaman yang disucikan. Selanjutnya, ternyata lagi nih… Banyak tetangga yang membutuhkan daun tulasi untuk obat karena menurut mereka bisa menyembuhkan. WOW… we just realized it. Akhirnya tersebarlah sang tulasi ke setiap halaman tetangga. So lovely πŸ™‚

O ya, hari dimana biji suci tulasi aku terima adalah tgl 18 Desember dan di hari itu juga aku menemukan salah satu alasan kenapa aku dilahirkan. Dia… si empunya punggung lusuh, dia bercerita banyak tentang kehidupan yang membuatku termenung sambil memegangi erat biji tulasi. Setetes air mata mengalir di pipi yang disertai tatapan kosongku. Sambil ku bergumam: I knew it… I knew this all since kid and you make it clear… ya, I found you in fact and yes, this is the answer for all of my journey along this time.

Biji suci tulasi menjadi saksi bisu percakapan kami… percakapan tentang kehidupan dan karma ratusan tahun; bahkan mungkin ribuan tahun. Biji tulasi tumbuh subur di tanah suci kami dan terus akan demikian… selalu berbagi berkah untuk setiap mahkluk yang membutuhkan.

cinta “pohon tulasi”… hanya tumbuh di tanah kebajikan, sebiji kecil tumbuh mekar kokoh dan indah, berkat hembusan kasih tak bertepi πŸ™‚


dedicated with love for pohon tulasi dan si punggung lusuh… wie danu β™₯β™₯β™₯


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my favorite word: Bonkers

among all those words in dictionary and thesaurus, I do like this word… don’t why exactly hehe
here are some meanings:

British in formal
adjective: bonkers
mad; crazy.

go bonkers


to go crazy.

to lose one’s temper



  • crazy, unbelievable, or highly agreeable
  • crazy, hectic, wild.



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Just me 😊

Just me… πŸ™‚


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after the night


When I woke up this morning, like usual I checked alarm and some messages; including in Instagram. Then I saw this appears on my page: picture of a bird in the bush as the first light hits.

The caption catch my eyes: there is a special energy that happens this time of day.

Also, I reminded that after the night, all things start over… new life, bird start singing again, the predator perhaps moved away already or might be still sleep till hungriness woke them up.

Furthermore, I love nature… it taught me a lot about life; pure beauty, basic instinct, survival, love, being in present, etc… No wonder if hiking is one of my favorite hobbies and mountain is the most loveliest spot for me πŸ™‚




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Silent night…. wind breathes through my skin… my ears…

and it holds me tight as we mingle to the un-touch world.

Life…. dream…. it whispered in my mind till I realize it is a he…

the holy soul who grabbed my soul to the eternity 🌹

with love, β™‘putuβ™‘

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