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Just my boots

Beautiful moment not always about roses, candy, and girly gift…. it also about broken shoes and a pair of boots; just my boots πŸ™‚

Six years ago, same like now, rainy season flooding the whole city, and I didn’t have “proper rainy shoes” to accomplish my mission from home to office (vice versa). I was only have fabric made shoes and as we know it supposedly for summer; but in fact I used it on rainy season cause I didn’t have the other.

One day, my fiancee asked about my shoes cause he saw it broken already but I still use it. I didn’t know how to answer cause at that moment I was broken too…I focused my salary for my master degree and english course and other personal development courses. Ya, I did prefer knowledge than fashion. So, I will end up in “un-fashion-able banker” category; that what people said he he he.

When my birthday came, surprisingly my fiancee shared his wish and asked me to go with him to the leather shop. Yea, he gave me a pair of boot, so it will protect my feet and comfort me. Yes, it does… it always protect me comfort me till now… after 5 years πŸ™‚

I am really grateful. I like this boots cause it’s taylor made shoes; only for me and made based on my request. So it’s really fit my feet β™‘β™‘β™‘

thank you Bli Danu…. πŸ™‚


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