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There was moments when I feel fulfilled and complete. It was when I found someone whose I am looking for along time…. someone who I saw just from behind.

It was 8 years ago when I was searching for someone… I didn’t know who is he… I only knew that I need to find him. I found some articles and it’s catch my attention… then I contacting the author and try to find out who is this person realy is. One night my cousin was telling me about the author, considering I didn’t know his face at the moment. My cousin pointed somebody’s back…. and suddenly I feel something… I found him. Someone I am looking for…. he is the one. The author!

The next day, I was thinking alot about the night…. and the great moment came when my office invited him as special guest. Wow…. him…?

Finally we made conversation only for 5 minutes. Enough for me. Unconsciously, I kept thinking about him…. he is the one I am looking for… 

Then the other moment just appear, when for the third time my office invited him. We talked alot this time…. and the next day he called me and we kept in touch via call n messenger.

Till one day, he came to me and told me that he wanna be with me. I was crying…. exited, delighted, grateful for all the moments….

Now we’ve been 7 years together and I love him more and more….

thank you bli danu…

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