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There was so many “A-HA” moment

When I read a good-vibe quote about “A HA” moment last month, I’ve been thinking about my situation and I feel that I need to gather my A-Ha moment again and again. Actually, there was so many “great” matters happened to me, sometimes it looked like a coincidence (a perfect coincidence) but I believe there must be a very good reason beyond…

For me, A-Ha moment not only about big thing or wonderful surprising matters, basically it is all about myself. When I’m crying, then my A-Ha moment is when someone available for me… just stay and accompanying me quitely without any judgment. Also, when I feel confuse and lack of idea, my A-Ha moment came when people smile at me so I feel relax and I can gain my energy to think creatively. When I met a small hungry cat, my A-Ha moment was when I shared my food and she looked at me with gratitude. When my dog Luna suffered from accident, then my A-Ha moment was when she stood up in front of me after long treatment by myself (a little girl who only could share her good and love) and I could see her tears.

Last week while attending in-house training session I found my A-Ha moment again… esp things related to socio physiological. I learned about this 18 years ago when I was in high school and I do need to rebuild it since now. Anyway, I joined module 1 of MDP program in the office. When I was in the class for 1 week, I found all those delivered is valid with my realistic life. Thank you Mr. Maxim Sytch, Dr Brown, and Mr. Kent for sharing all those fundamental concept.
Actually it reminds me that I am a human being who live not only with dog cat ant or bird, but also HUMAN (multi variants of unique living human) 🙂

That was my A-Ha moment, so many other A-Ha moments in fact… unspeakable (also unwritten) moments.


Thank you.

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