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July 2015

Hello dear…

It’s been months I don’t write in here, and so many things happened along this time.
5th of July, it is today… this July starts the tough second term of 2015; economically (macro and micro) and environmentally. Talking about countries financial issues are not my blogging type, but I thought I need to cause it impacts people’s life. When every countries are facing difficulties regarding exchange rate, oil and gas, food supply, treats, etc…. then what we suppose to do?

Based on my perspective, we need to control our expenses and be careful with investment strategy (prefer to “moderate risk” investments). Also, we need to optimize the internal resources rather than import or buy from other countries. This steps need behaviour changes cause some people might not used to. Futhermore, if we couldn’t manage the situation properly, it could lead into crisis (like Indonesia at 1998, Greece at 2015).

A little bit contradicting with above paragraphs, I wanna talk about Sunday…. cause today is summer Sunday 🙂
When I looked into the airlines’ site, all was booked; esp for tourism resort destination. Every body enjoy summer holiday…. summer sunday in the beach, drinking coconut water, doing water sport, and relaxing. Such a very nice moment. And no body care about economic issues ^_^

My big Q since I was kid is “why summer?” To me, summer is very very hot and uncomfortable…. he he. I’d prefer school holidays at March or October, cause it’s cozier I thought; not too hot and not too cold. But of course it only my wish.

Anyway, happy Sunday then… ^_^

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