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The wallstreet journal is thing mostly I read.
And today I found good sentence back on it “Open your eyes to what you dream”.
Its advertisement of Noblesse.

I do agree with that, cause usually I realized that I was stucked in a situation and forgot about my real dream (just like slepping beauty in the “fancy rooms” of this wild world).
Then usually there was a triger that reminded me to open my eyes, to move and doing something new; which actually preparation to catch my dreams.

Talk about dream, since kid my parent tought me to build my own dreams. Lots of dreams.
What ever it is, as far as positive and for goodness then its always OK.
They always saying…. keep dreaming as high as wide as universe; and if you fail, you still surounded by stars.

To me, dreams not always about thing that give massive impact.
Usually I dreams simple thing like I wanna meet someone, or going somewhere quite, or eat my mom’s “sambal” (balinese sauce), buy my favorite books.
But sure there’s some big dreams that make me focus till now, like explore Indonesia, explore Asia, build school, etc… πŸ™‚

Back to the title, catch dreams need strategies, and…. need to “open eyes” widely to see possibilities and chances.
Dreams just like plan of life, where I wanna go, what I wanna be, and with whom I wanna enjoy this life.
Thats why its essential to make a plan, build effort, and one sure thing “praying”.

For simple example is buying favourite book;
the strategies are saving money, searching the book store, looking for the sales (bigger discount is better), etc.

I thought that’s all for now, I just wanna telling myself and all you reader that its really important to have good dreams; cause it make us alive.
Please enjoy the days and open your eyes to what you’re really dreaming of… cause might be its already there… waiting for you to pick them up πŸ™‚



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