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Sweet little kid ran through the field
Faced the rising of light life
As a witness of vanished dark

Years gone by…
Kid ran to the gate
Gate of vanished light
Light of childhood

Man, yes…
He’s a man now
A man who brought light
Light of wisdom

Man running to the field
Spreading the light
Waking up the creatures of good kind
And whispering….
“I wanna give u all my light
Cause I’m old and not young anymore”

Ps: for TG who celebrate the lovely b’day 🙂

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older n older

Time goes by and all things just gone. But still there’s bunch of memories worth to remember.

Just 30 years old I am.

If talk about achievement, probably half of my “kid’s dream” came true; then now preparing for the execution of next chapters.

When get older, my mind always flying to the memories of grandmother, who passed away at 100 (+) years old.
I knew her since she had become a tough single parent, then she babysat the grandchild; then she became older n older, going weak, couldn’t talk much, only ate traditional meal (honey + egg) + water, till at the end only a sip of water. Then she just smile n gone without any word….

Life is wonderful, I always saying. But ‘Yin n Yang’ always there…. Happiness n un-happiness 🙂
Yes, there’s no standard of happiness n un-happiness, it just depends on my perspective.

Based on my review, there some things that make people “pity on me” (I knew cause they said it). But after deep review, it’s just part of my life and actually not really bad (but challenge I thought). Again, it depends on the perspective.

Realistically, there some event made my tears rolling by (sometimes I called it un-happiness). But it’s ok, cause tears always be a good way to refresh my soul. I told myself: No time for give up, cause the sun still shining n the bird still singing 🙂

And after 30 years, I only feel grateful being a human n live in this fancy earth.

P.s: this year so unique cause surrounded by celebrations (Siwaratri, Saraswati, Laksmi, n Ganesha puja) – what a blessed n prosperous 30 ^^


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