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okiotsukete kudasai ne

The title was one japanese sentence that I heard from the low profile Indonesian Karate founder, Sihang Baud.
He had passed away, but still the sentence tightly plug in my mind.

It was rainy day, when I sat on the shuttle bus’ chair, then suddenly there’s an old man came and made conversation. Like usually I love making new friend; and we’re talking a lot about the city, country, and this new era. Great old man, I thought. Till my bus ready to go, and I said good bye to him. Yes, we’re changing the business card. Surprisingly, he’s the one I’m looking for along this time, Sihang Baud.

I’ve been taught martial art since young; and I always wanna meet the one who brought Karate to Indonesia. I just knew the name btw. But that time I do really grateful, finally we met face to face + he gave me so much advices (one of advices: okiotsukete kudasai ne – take care). He lived in Japan for years and studied Karate.

The other advice is ‘be humble’ and keep on fighting on the right way 🙂

Doumo arigatau Sihang.


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