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The Walking Dead

Today I’ve been thinking of…. “The Walking Dead” – series movie.

First question came out is “is there any cures?”, and the next “what’s the cause?”, and finally the last “what’s the story behind of this film?”

Then picture of this world slightly stop by on my mind 🙂

This is my opinion:

These days, so many people lack of “good” feeling (intolerance might be) and “very” individualistic sometimes, then gonna fight when thing “good/fine” somewhere (cause it only slightly in the air). I thought its represented by “the walking dead”. And for the survivor (small group), its a couple of fullfilled human being, which is so rare in this current world.

So, it is just my thought. Could be right or wrong. But the point is…. to me, the movie is quite interesting, not only showing the ugly things that shocking, ways to survive, but also things that remind me of this world – place where I’m living now – and how to be grateful for all of this.

Hv a good Sunday and God bless we all 🙂



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