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suspended account

Friday night, I got a message with subject “suspended account”.

wao, what again this….. so hectic the day with pile of projects, homeworks, etc….

currently I am managing cyberdharma.net, a non-profit website, and… I’ve just moved to the new hosting. then my bud, he uploaded so many data used sftp port 5353 (quite big, 4GB), which was access SSH. and… the system automatically suspended the account. and… I’ve stopped worked on the home work and looked for the server provider, then convinced him that it just our fault, not intruders or other risky things. He’s really tough 🙂 — quite difficult to convince him, and after struggling searched the password of cpanel, almost for 1 hour, finally he trusted on me and released the account.

now, I wanna share what’s SSH, here it is:

“Secure Shell is a program to log into another computer over a network, to execute commands in a remote machine, and to move files from one machine to another. It provides strong authentication and secure communications over insecure channels. It is a replacement for rlogin, rsh, rcp, and rdist.”

what the provider done yesterday just part of defensive action of risky acts that trying to access the server. Like my lecture said years ago, security is an important thing and “do not trust any body”, “mitigate the risk as low as it could be”. missing him now….. ^^

for the next, if I could, I never using again sftp 5353, but ftp 21 🙂 (like what the provider advised).

Also I got some knowledge about overseas server that they automatically suspend the account if detected as risky access. A little bit different with local server, that the intruders mostly be known after the server cracked and all client shouted …. “I couldn’t access my web………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

enjoy Saturday……… 🙂


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