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What a tough and beautiful 2010

Tonight, when I received award as one of innovative unit in my directorate, I just felt that so many things I’ve faced and done along 2010.

Tears…. so much. Hope n wish… really much. Happyness…. very much. “Tough n beautiful”, what I call for 2010.

When I looking back, start from 1st of January 2010, the most valuable thing that I’ve got is I found/understand/understood what I really want. And… to found it tooks for  many days.

I know it is not an easy thing, but at least I know where I wanna go. I know what I should do.

I remember when Mr Dough asked me “what do u want?” (for thousands time). Then I just said “I wanna be a brave and lovingly woman, also wanna live with the one  I love”.

The other thing was Mr Dough asked me to wrote down whatever I wanna do if I only have 1 last year in my life. The fact was “I just wanna be a teacher of children in ashram”.  I sat down and thought about it, and I knew that’s purpose (long time ago) of why I’m standing in this current place.

Past life is a history, disappointed is just part of journey. But I do belive if I have a braveness to face the days… there still a hope. Step by step I found, met, and got that hope. I met the great person, the one that I could share about this life. In the office I met many new projects, new experiences, new college, etc. Not easy, but still there must be a great thing behind the complicated/difficult thing 🙂

Then, how about 2011? Timeline gonna be done by next week, and… start working end enjoy ^-^

Stand up for this wonderful moment, born as a human 🙂


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