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Yesterday is my first anniversary in the company. Yes, so many things were done – things good, things bad, or things out of logic.

When we’re working in one place, of course culture and environment become the two most important things. Culture come from the thought, and from there come attitude. That’s why my parent always saying, find or create a good environment to build up your good character.

The things I found a long the time is culture shock. Joined the company with very different culture, different life style, different way to express creativity, etc… Every single day I’ve been trying to learn my environment and the people, step by step, and finally I found where I’m standing now. But still…. There still something mismatch.!.

“Losing identity” might be two words that I do need to understand more. Wise man said environment could change our identity. If we’re standing in the “good” environment, then we found something “good”, vice versa. Then, am I standing in the good environment or ….  ??

So, what point of things I’ve took…. ?
Just wanna survive and express my thought in positive way without losing my “good” identity, also could help other people in proper way.

Never give up!!

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