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Tasseo – Indonesian Tea

If we went to the super market (Kem Chick for example), there supposed to be a unique packages of pure green tea called “tasseo”.

tasseo_puregreenCombination of traditional design, Javanese and Egypt, give a universal touch in the package. Tea which is produced by PT Gunung Slamat – Slawi, Indonesia (under license Tasseo.Inc – USA) is one of Indonesian products that go international. It design (pyramid) make it different with other competitors. About the taste, it has unique plain taste (a bit bitter after sips), but the smell is not as sharp as other green teas. First sip, second sip, hmmmm….. I found the taste of natural Indonesian green tea, which is different with Japanese, Chinese, or Srilankan tea. 

Authentic and spiritually elevating, premium hand-picked green tea, it’s the slogan they have. And I’m still thinking and tasting if they mean it or not ^^

Sometimes, when we compare some teas, we should know the basic taste I thought. Cause every species has their own uniqueness in taste. And after that, we could try tea with additional flavor, like apple, grape, ginger, infusion, or try some herbal teas (which actually doesn’t made up from tea leaf).

Till now, finally I found two kind of green teas that I love most, they are Japanese natural green tea (powder type), and Pure Jasmine Mint Green Tea by Tea House (Premium Quality).  For the infusion, Dilmah Mint Infusion – caffeine free — also nice.


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Funny Poems ^^

Just laughing…… ^^ ( www.coolfunnypoems.com )

A Love MedLey

How I love thee! Caretaker of my soul! Giver of hope and life! Master of ambition! How can I ever thank thee enough, for I know that possibility may be beyond reason. I bow to kiss thy feet. From there I look up, and ooooooooohhhhhhh I like what I see.

Snoop Doggy
I wantz to give you a squeez
Whilst on my kneezl
When I feelz ya hug,
It’s like an intoxicating drug.
I want to throwz a par-tay.
But I’z not gonna invite Mar-tay (her friend)
You givz light to my soul,
I lovez da wigglz when you bowl

Barry Manilow
She is the love that flows in the breeze,
When I see her, in my tracks I must freeze.
When she has that look in her eye,
There is a beauty that I cannot deny
She walks with the grace of a flying bird,
With a glance, she could stop a stampeding herd.

Ooohh, how you make me feel,
If I fall for you don’t blame me, it was a banana peel.
When I see you move that way when you dance,
I wish I could crawl all over you like a bunch of ants.
When I lick you, it’s like sweet sugar,
Hang on a second-I’ve gotta pick a booger.
You are such a hot little chick.
Just a second, now I’ve gotta flick.
Of your sensual voice, I love to be a hearer,
I think my boogy just landed on the mirror.

by Sandy Hatch (male)


Spider on My Arm

I think its very hairy
I think its getting hard
I think its very bounce
And what is the bagy thing
Its flopping all around
Well if u guessed it’s a
Spider on my arm.

Submitted By Chad


Soaring Bird

A bird soaring high and high in the sky
As soon as i i look in the sky
it craps in my eye……

By lucas



Love is like a roller coaster you have your good times and you have your bad.
the person that you you love shouldn’t shatter your heart into a million pieces
they should hold you in the hard times and kiss you in the good for love is for everyone even for fools.
love is a hell of a ride but to come back and see there face it all that matters..

I m not asking for anything im just asking that you love me and call me your baby girl.

By Laura A.


Sisters Are Cool

Love is love
hate is hate
i watch my sister masterbate.
chips are chips
bread is bread
sometimes my sister gives me head.
pop is pop
spam is spam
i have my sister jacking off on cam.
mom is mom
dad is dad
they found this poem and got really mad.

by Mike


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