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First Year at the House

These past few days I’ve been thinking about “how fast the days run”. By the 30th of April is my first year at this boarding house. So many things happened, funny, good, or questionable things, even a bit scarry sometimes.

Here, there so many people living with various jobs. And usually they always back home late. Like me for example, mostly at 9 pm or up. It’s so nice if I could back home early, saw the sunset, took a walk, then watched favourite movies, read great historical novel, etc.. And… these situations made us don’t really care to each other, even just knowing the name. Yes, we said “hello” every day but it doesn’t mean we know the name (a bit silly I thought, but that’s the fact).

What I like from this place are the washing area (big and clean and so much sun, also I could see the Great Sampoerna Square and Standard Chartered building as twin tower, hehehe), nice house keepers, a lot of people which remind me of dormitory (I was staying at the dormitory for 3 years), near from the office, accessable from anywhere (easy to reach), near sport centers, near the malls, a lot of choices of meals, near the spa, and… the gate would be closed (locked) at 12 pm — It’s good for me, even sometimes it looked hard, when I’ve to stay (sleep) in the office after finishing the jobs at 2 or 3 o’clock am ^^

Every day, every morning say “hello” to people we met, seeing sky-scrapers bathing morning sunlight, little kids playing on the alley, and people with their plan for the day. They have passion to face the day, even they wouldn’t know what gonna happen for the next. They did really inspire me a lot, thank you!!

Some friends didn’t like this place cause too crowded, the room too small, lack of sunshine, lack of oxygen, hot, etc… But in my mind, a place could be a great comfortable place is depend on us (our mindset, our way to touch, and our way to accept the existances). Frankly, I do need time to understand Jakarta and its life style (I did it years ago). Fortunately I have braveness to face and accept it as what they are. And here I am 🙂

Hv a great time everywhere you are, cause it worth to be great. Goodluck….!!


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