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Thanks God

Long time I don’t write any article here. Actually there so many thing I wanna say, but I thought it better to be kept.

When a friend brought a news, that another friend of mine got scholarship overseas, I only could say “thanks God, her dream came true”.  Then another news said “she got married”, again I only could say “thanks God for every single thing You’ve given to her”. Till all things done, I only wanna say “thanks God”.

When I looked into the past when  I was a kid, there so many dreams. Now, when I saw the dreams came true, even it’s nice or a bit bitter in fact, I only could say “thanks God”.  Where I’m standing now or what I do now, it such of part of my dreams. In the other hand, I do believe there a map for me, a map of my life, which I should follow. It so mysterious, but there must be a way to understand it.

If life looked so hard, sometimes, I’ll go to somewhere – someplace where I saw the miracle. There I just heard bird’s songs, wind blows, water flows, song of holy music, and holy song flows in the holy air. Then, words “thanks God” flew away from my heart and my lips at the end.

So, whatever I do now, or wherever I am, it just part of the map of my life, and it worth to be done well. Thanks God for every single thing You given to me, to the family, to all of the creatures in this world. I love You.


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