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Star n Me

One night I walked on the alley
I saw one star “clip clip clip” showed its light
I remembered when I was a child, when I dreamt to be astronaut

Swim in the sea of stars and planets, there more than one suns
The shadow, mist, dark canyon, wind blows, freezing night, dazzled light
Just like the picture on the wall of the room

Slept on the dark corner, only the moonlight I could see
Insect and mosquito just started to singing
They couldn’t stop even I said “stop!!!”

At the mid night I woke up from the nightmare
Then I saw the thing flew outside of the window
There braveness to unlock and open the old curtain

Smile of Mr. Nice Guy made me shocked
He introduced him self
“Hi little girl, my name is Mr. Faery. That’s why I can fly”
“Just hold my hand, then I’ll show you the world”, he took my hand.

*it’s just a tale by Me!

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