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The Memories of Oct.28

Once upon a time, a great temple and thousands of stars as a witnesses of the beginning of unforgetable stories. There’s a gorgeous young lady who just smelled and tasted the thing which called love.

Beautiful night was crowded by people who celebrated the annual ceremony in the temple of small village. Ladies, gentlemen, and kids looked enjoy the night. Among them there’s a beautiful young lady stayed alone. A handsome guy was caught her eyes and made her breathless for a time. She felt different with the guy and didn’t realized that she fell in love to that charming guy, he was her first love. She tried to asked people around her about him, his name, his family, his background, and finally she found all informations related to the guy.

The day after she saw the guy, she’s changed. She’s not mommy’s girl anymore. She’s a lady. She looked the chances to went out, so she could met the guy and fortunately the guy also interested to her. With all braveness he came to the girl and said if he loved her, and wanna share his life with her. How wonderful their life, every single thing looked great and amazing. They were fell in love!!

Wise people said if love could be change become lust, and make us suffer at the end. And this sentence was worked to them.

One day, when the guy spent the weekend with friends, unfortunately he drunk and one of the lady’s family saw him, her aunty. Unfortunately she told what the guy have done to the lady’s mother, and the mother supposed to be a “devil wearing Prada” – very very angry and upset. Since that day, she didn’t allow her daughter met the guy and controled all her activities, even if she went to the college. The lady was getting frustrated. She tried to convinced her parent if it just a mistake. But it useless, nobody believed in her. Every single day the lady keep herself in silent room and wepping. Nothing could help her except the faith to the guy, to their love.  Her life getting worse when the mother decided to moved her to the other city, the other state, the other province, and the other island. The guy tried to called her and talked to the mother. He explained how big his love to the lady. Like usually, the mother just said “you are not the one for my daughter”.  Both of the guy and the lady felt lost, their vow was broken. Nothing they could do, cause the lady have moved far far away. The distance and un-cooperated family separated them

What was happened were not an easy thing to forget, it’s unforgetable sad memories. The lady lost her faith and her spirit in life. But she tried to be a good daughter and finally married with the guy who was choosen by her mother, and also made her changed her belief. And the guy could see that the future was waiting for him. Even he desperated he tried to stand up and faced the world. At the end, he met a beautiful lady and she’s his soulmate.

This story is not just a story, but it’s happened ten years ago. And it’ll remembered by every single person in there, the witness.

Life is so wonderful but it still not cool



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