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Saturday is busy day for me, cause I have to finish all the things, such as my course, my homework, washing, ironing, go to the book store, go to the clinic, etc… Fortunately, last Saturday (23rd of August) I had a wonderful day (if I could say like that). I woke up in the early morning, took a bath, and realized my plan – went to the temple.

At that day, I felt there’s something special with 22nd and 23rd of August 2008, but I didn’t sure what’s that. It just come as a feeling, slightly but made me calm. I’ve tried to make up my mind, might be there’s colleagues celebrate their birthday or other special event happened. But I was still blank…. No answer!!!

In the temple, like usually it’s such a very nice place for me, consider I got some problems with my thought in these past few days, so I do need a place to meditate and release my energy. Birds’ song, smell of grass, wind blew, flowers always make me calm and there’re some things I’ve realized —  “I have to live in the present”, “do not think to much cause it’ll waste my memories and energies”, “left the hatred behind, start smile to the world”, “every single thing have the reason, so be patient”, “finish my job as best as I could”.

Good mood swing by my mind and with a high spirit I walked to the course’s place at 10:30am and start studying. How lucky I was, I could finish all the multimedia sessions in one day and I said to my self  “I’m ready for the test tomorrow!!” Then, I’ve called friend to make sure that she has a couple of hours, I do need a friend to talked actually. Unfortunately, her office loves her so much, but I’m not sure she loves the office more than the pleasure ^^ (she was finishing her job at the office, cause her co-worker couldn’t come at the day). So, I went to the clinic by myself and went around Jakarta by bus, then bought my favorite cake “strawberry cheesecake” in Harvest. I’ve been thinking, why I bought this cake today? Usually I bought cheesecake if I celebrate birthday. Yes, I know someone’s birthday at 23rd of August, but he doesn’t know me as well. At home, I ate the cake and looked like so happy…

Today I found the answer from the other blogger, and I’ve just realized that 23rd of August was Shri Krishna Janmashtami/Krishna Jayanthi (celebration of Lord Khrisna’s birthday). No wonder I felt all those feelings. And…. I also received a message from friend related to Lord Khrisna at that night. Hmmm hmmm … ^^


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As I saw my face on the mirror
I found something beautiful
Something weird
But it kept me calm

Mind could be your friend
Also could create your foes
What ever it is
It’s still yours

Wild wild mind
Running around the universe
Nothing could stop
Except you, your own self!!


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