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The Call

This lyrics really really made me stunned and my soul flew to that moment…., let’s take a look:

It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word

And then that word grew louder and louder
‘Til it was a battle cry

I’ll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye

Just because everything’s changing
Doesn’t mean it’s never
Been this way before

All you can do is try to know
Who your friends are
As you head off to the war

Pick a star on the dark horizon
And follow the light

You’ll come back
When it’s over
No need to say good bye

Now we’re back to the beginning
It’s just a feeling and now one knows yet
But just because they can’t feel it too
Doesn’t mean that you have to forget

Let your memories grow stronger and stronger
‘Til they’re before your eyes

You’ll come back
When it’s over
No need to say good bye

by : Regina Spektor

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Holy Secret

Night falls as a shadow

Day goes as a reality

Holy glances, holy smiles

Fullfill the lonely souls


The holy souls

Walk on the holy street

Holding together

Facing their destiny


Shiny sunshine

Immortal with the holy aura

Fuboulus combination of holy hearts

Enlight the way of holy life


The holy ”secret” book

As a secret of disclosed secret

Always keep the holy truth

Of  the holy soul



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Jurisdiction of life

When the wind blew

Scent of grass filled my breath

Small voices whispered

“Finally we reached the top”


Smile, grateful, happiness

were accessories of our faces

Satisfaction encouraged us

to caught our destiny


Sunshine were witnesses

Earth was a judge

Leaves were lawyers

and we were accused


Beautiful sunset

was a gift for the endless effort

Heavy rain

was a tool to made us stronger


 Sunrise at Menoreh



*inspired by the day when we reached the top of  Bukit Menoreh

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Fact vs Stories

The day when every single thing looked funny,

“The Holiday” inspired me to think

Should I ? Should I be “Iris” or “Amanda” ?


Drifted hand grabbed a piece of paper

Which written inspiring poem “Endless Questions”

Questions without an answer


When I wanted to go far away

I tried to kept every single thing

And, burried them under the rush deadline


Stories always nice and amazing

Unfortunately the fact was not always same

It just stories and that’s the fact


But, I thought

If the day comes

There would be “Graham” or “Miles”





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Black Ribbon


When I heard “Black Ribbon”, I’ve been thinking, “what kind of thing is that?” Then, the waiter explained to me how they made the Black Ribbon.

 Black Ribbon

Actually, Black Ribbon is one of menus in “Ra Sushi” café, which take place in Cilandak Town Square (Citos). Black Ribbon is a new style of sushi, a little bit different with the original one. They combined Japanese rice, fish egg, avocados, salmon tempura with salad sauce on it, then they tight it up with seaweed (as the black ribbon).

The taste was really really nice. I loved it!!! Actually, I’m not a sushi mania, but this kind of sushi made me ate them more than my expectation. Salmon tempura with unique salad sauce gave me new experiences of taste. Frankly, I loved tempura so much and vegetables tempura is my favorite food.

 About the price, I thought it’s not really expensive, café’s standard. It’s around Rp 45,000 per portion consisted of 8 pieces (big size).

Anyway, Ra Sushi is a Japanese restaurant (café) but it has western architecture with Japanese wall accessories (pictures). The waiter/waitress didn’t use kimono and they hadn’t saying words liked “irasshaimase”, which means “welcome”. I think Ra Sushi is Indonesian café, I mean all the staff (including the chief) are Indonesian. But I don’t know about the owner.

When I checked the menu, I knew that they had high creativity in Japanese cuisine. There were some ordinary menus (Japanese standard), but they also had a lot of new menus (their own menus I mean). 



If you wanna find something new and amazing, just visit Ra Sushi café.



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CoL in Japan

When I calculated some amounts related to my job, suddenly I remembered cost of living(CoL) when I was in Japan. Every body said that Japan has high standard of living (high cost). Yes, I agree with that. But they also have high income, right? – Also have high tax!! J

Actually, if we talk about standard of living, it’s depend on where we’re live or what kind of live or the way to manage the expenses/income. For me, not only in Japan, Bali also has very high cost of living. Why? Because all of the things are follow the tourist standard. I thought cost of living in Bali higher than Jakarta for certain things. For example, public transportation in Bali not as much as in Jakarta, so we have to use taxi or own car or “ojek” which will increase our expenses.

Back to Japan. Actually there a lot of cheap places, for example 100 yen shop. It seems like Walmart in US. There we could buy snack, kitchen stuff, stationary, accessories, umbrella, clothes, mug, chopstick, stocking, etc. The price was 105 yen, applied for all goods. For meals, we needn’t go to the restaurant or cafe. We could find a lot of lunch in AM PM or Seven to Eleven. They provide sushi, noodles, rice, etc. Or, if you like to cook, needn’t go to the supermarket to buy the vegetables or fishes. You can go to “ya o ya” (Fruit and Vegetable Store). The price is much lower than supermarket, but the quality is same. For example, I bought one package carrot in “ya o ya” only 250 yen and in supermarket it’s 500 yen. The difference was in supermarket they packed the carrot nicer, they used the vivid red ribbon, very nice packages I thought. That’s Japan, they always concern to the quality of performance.

Then for book, there’s “book off”. It’s a store, which sell second books with cheap price. There we could find a lot of comics with price 100 yen. One of the biggest “book off”, I’ve known is “book off“ in Harajuku. But most of the books are in Japanese. If you wanna find the import books (in English), you can visit the book store in Shibuya.

Next for the clothes, Kitasenju is a very nice place to find qualified clothes or dress or shoes with low price. But, in the Shinjuku square, near the goverment office center, it also provides cheap clothes. Last time, I found very very cheap shop, it still in Ropongi area actually. I bought wallet, very nice, it’s only 1000 yen. Office bag around 1000 – 5000 yen. Ladies bags started from 1000 yen too. Then, I bought one small coffers, it’s also 1000 yen.  

Some things that could be the most expensive expenses are the deposit payment if we want to stay in Tokyo or in other states in Japan (for foreigners), which cost 40,000 yen. Then, the apartment fee. It’s really related to the area. For example, in Kotou Dori (street Kotou), one small apartment is 150,000 yen per month, but in Shinjuku we could found apartment for two only 6000 or 70,000 yen per month. Of course Kotou Dori is more prestigious than Shinjuku, but not nice for our wallet right? (For students especially) 🙂 . Another thing is hospital cost. Fortunately, the Japanese goverment give some allowances for the hospital, if we are student.


That’s the sort info about Japan. Hope it helps 🙂




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Taros Purple

These past few weeks, I found new bread which always catch my eyes. Its name is Taros Purple, made by Billie Chick. They have slogan “The wonderful mood of baking”, and I thought I agree with that 🙂

Taros purple is kind of bread with purple cream inside. It has unique taste, don’t know how to describe it into words. It’s different with bread talk or daily bread or jesselyn cake. I thought they use different emulsifier for the bread, so the fiber looks different. Unfortunately, they didn’t specify the ingredient in the packages.

One thing that a little bit funny (I thought) is every time I went to the AM PM, why I found only one or two taros purple left ? Is it because it’s famous, so it has a lot of fanatic cunsumer ?  or AM PM only provide limited packages (maybe only five or three for each day) ? — I think tomorrow I should ask the guard about this.

Anyway, where we can find taros purple ? — of course in the Billie Chick cafe, which we could find in the Pondok Indah Mall or Cilandak Town Square or  AM PM in my office (Bapindo Plaza, Sudirman, Jakarta).

That’s all for now.



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News of reality in life
Flew inside my head
Went through ears and heart
Kept me speechless

“Life is so wonderful
They always give us chances
Go ahead, wish you for a good luck”
I suggested

Heart whispered her opinions
Brain stuck at the idealism
Mouth sounded encouragements
Hand wrote inspiring poems

“No need to say good bye”
That’s the final words I chose
Cause there’s something I believe
You’ll back when it’s over!


Inspired by the day at May 7th 2008

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