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Lovely Bali

When I read my friend’s blog, about his experiences in Bali, it reminded me of my thought last night (what will happen if my company move me to Bali, handle the project in Bali might be).

As a Balinese, who growing up there, I know and really really know that Bali is one of the most wonderful places in the world, and I always wanna back there, someday!

But for now, for work… Honestly, work environment of Jakarta and Bali totally different and it makes me think twice. Near the family, it’s a nice thing people said, but not for me sometimes.  I love them and I always miss them, that’s why I call them every week.

Frankly, I have a lot of consideration if I wanna move to Bali. Yes, I love Bali to spend the holidays, but not for working! In another side, nobody knows what will happen. Who knows I’ll move and work there.  If I did, there must be something significant.

Anyway, this July I’ll back home, take a leave for ten days. Wish I could enjoy all the things cause at that time is critical days for me, actually.

Wish for the best ^^

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