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Talked about job and everything related seems like something that I don’t wanna talking about (looks like I didn’t enjoy my job, hehehhe – but I really really enjoy it!!!)Now, I should understand what I wrote and it’s not an easy job in fact. Basically, the writer supposed to understand of what they wrote right?? But, anybody realize that sometimes we didn’t understand about what we’ve done??

Ok, forget about right or not… The point is I must understand about everything in front of my face right now. It’s all about user requirements. Sometimes we feel, we understand what they need or what they want, but it could be wrong. Cause it could be only “based on my understanding…” So, how? Hmmmnnnmmmm, I need study more. Yes, I need it. ^^

Collect the user requirement is tough activities (I call it ‘activities’). Translate their thought to the sentences is more difficult. Realize their want become something real is the most difficult job. Cause, not all people can explain their want (thought) properly. They can imagine their needs, can have a lot of ‘crazy’ ideas, but couldn’t realize it into the words. That’s the fact. That’s human.

And that’s my job, to facilitate them as “a translator of their thought”. Fortunately, I have senior in office, who always helping me to understand all those things (even he’s not here right now).

Last week I finished the user requirement (after the long discussion). It’s not perfect yet, needs to be checked by the professional ^^ After all requirements complete, I need to make sure that I understand completely about what I’ve wrote. After that, I need to know how to translate it into the codes. And then … then… then… then… then… ( happy after finishing the project ^^ )

I need to digging deeper and deeper about those requirements. It could be tricky sometimes and I don’t wanna take the risk at the end (make my life more difficult). But one thing I know is I found something new and it makes me alive 🙂


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Second Night ^^

Tonight is the second night in my new boarding house. This morning something funny was happened. When I walked to the main door, I met someone who I’ve met before. Suddenly we stunned and sounded “what are you doing here??” and laughing in the end.

He is my friend in high school in fact. The last time I met him was in my friend’s wedding party. Actually he told me that he work around here and stay near the office, but I didn’t mind that my boarding house is his too.  Finally we went to the office together. This short conversation made me felt calm. I found my family, I thought.

In the afternoon, I met Ida. She rent the room near the main door. So, I met her when I back from the office. She’s nice girl and I asked a lot to her about the regulation here.

When my mom knew that I’ve friend here, she looked so happy. But she kept warned me to lock the door wherever I am.
Sometimes my mom worrier than my father, but it’s ok. It’s good for me ^^

After thinking for a while related to the services here, I thought I shouldn’t ask the maid for washing and ironing my clothes. Since I was a child I always washing and ironing by myself. Sometimes other people didn’t know which part of clothes needs more attention or actually every cloth has different treatment. I don’t want them break my clothes up.  Just in case!

That’s all for now.


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