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First Night ^^

Tonight is the first night in my new boarding house (Jalan Sudirman – Karet exactly, near my office). It’s totally different with the previous one. In here I live with tens people, might be hundreds. Most of them are employee, same with me. Every body have their own business every day, wake up in the early morning, take a bath and then go to the office and back home late. They didn’t saying any words like “good morning” or “hello” to other people. Is this the life style of the big cities?? Might be, I thought!
Growing up in the family environment, life style like this sometimes looks so rude. But life must go on. That’s why I always try to adopt those new knowledge(only the good one hehehe), with purpose to synchronize my life with the others, but I still have my own way of life, of course!
Jakarta is one of the biggest cities in Indonesia. It looks like mini Indonesia because we could find everything here, all races and all business/government are centralize in Jakarta. I just remembered when I was in high school, I’ve never dreamed to live in Jakarta, cause it looked so terrible. But the fact is I write this article in one part of Jakarta right now.
Honestly, Jakarta give me a lot of new challenges, new knowledge and of course a lot of new experiences.

Unconsciously, Jakarta could create new styles of life. Time after time, people who live here could be change and change, better or worst. After seven years living here, I found myself have already changed. Wish changed to be better.

My mother always remind me of my behaviour. Bali and Jakarta totally different and my family always warn me to do not change (change to be a metropolitan girl who sometimes looks don’t care with environment, too independent, etc…). hmmm mmm I agree with that hehehe

Back to the boarding house….. Right now I couldn’t sleep as a matter of fact. I wanna sleep actually. So tired in these past few days. Every time I moved to the new place, I always liked this, couldn’t sleep well.
My neighbor is a guy. He looks so busy with calls tonight (from friends, family, etc might be). Yesterday, I introduced myself consider I’m new here. But unfortunately he didn’t give me his name (he just shook my hand). So, if I asked him, I just say ‘hey…’. He is work quite far from here, in the atrium Senen exactly. I don’t know what line of business he in. I didn’t ask him too much cause I didn’t want to get involve in the stranger’s life.
The environment is quite nice. Lot of restaurants and cafes around here, so food and beverage won’t be a problem for me. The problem is the price (a little bit expensive). May be because this area is one of central businesses. The guards and maids here are cooperative, they helped me to manage my stuff as well. Consider I stay in the second floor and it’s quite tough for me to brought all those boxes to my room.
Anyway, this boarding house reminded me of the boarding house in Tokyo – Roponggi. The size and facilities are not really different, the room size around 3m x 2.5 m, with wooden floor, one medium cupboard, one medium table, bath room outside and we got services of washing and ironing, but we should pay additional fee for electonics which use high voltage.
The obvious difference is the price. In here I pay only 530000 rupiah per month, but in Japan we spent 7000 yen for that small room. Wao…. very very expensive!!! – that’s Japan ^^
Wish I could enjoy my days here ^^

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