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I don’t know how to love him
what to do, how to move him
I’ve been changed, yes, really changed
in these past few days when I’ve seen myself
I seem like someone else

I don’t know how to take this
I don’t see why he moves me
He’s man, he’s just a man
And I’ve had so many men before
In very many ways:
He’s just one more

Should I bring him down?
Should I scream and shout?
Should I speak of love – let my feelings out?
I never thought I’d come to this – what’s it all about

Don’t you thing it’s rather funny

I should be in this position?
I’m the one who’s always been
So calm, so cool, no lover’s fool
Running every show
He scares me so

I never thought I’d come to this – what’s it all about

yet, if he said he loved me
I’d be lost, I’d be frightened
I couldn’t cope, just couldn’t cope
I’d turn my head, I’d back away
I wouldn’t want to know
He scares me so
I want him so
I love him so

by Sarah Brightman

*nice lyrics which as mirror of myself, in these past few days!

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Basket ball made my heart liked a ball
When I saw him in the basket court
I stunned while other girls sounded
Dug dag dug dug dug yea…… go go go!!

My days liked dream came true
When he sat in front of me as a new friend
Talking, laughing
As we knew we found something new

Dum dum duru dam dam
His sight, the smile, the grace
Be a little light of my life

First page of blue diary
Told me the truth of his mind
Which made me smile along the day

Time goes by
Distance, way of life
Things that we should learn

One message shocked me
‘Hello dear… ‘
‘would you come to my wedding party’
Dududududu dududududu…hmmm hmmm

It’s liked lightning at the summer day
Which shocked the pilot in the blue sky
But I felt grateful in the end
As we found the best way of our life

The best way of our life
Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmm


*Writer’s note :
This is my own story which inspired by Erica – story telling class(thanks a lot…^^ )
First love always interesting, difficult and unforgetable (even some people wanna forget it all)

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When you open the door I feel one step you farther than me
When you close the fence I feel five meters you farther than me
When you drive the car I feel blocks you farther than me
When you reach the airport I feel kilometers you farther than me
When you sit on the plane I feel miles you farther than me
When the plane take off I feel you fly away to the blue sky
When you reach your destination I feel I couldn’t reach you anymore

It’s just a feeling or an imagination
When I walk on the lane
At March 3rd 2008
That’s all
Nothing else…

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