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My Acrostic Poem


To be 
A good


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12 things from Ralph

As a data warehouse programmer, Ralph Kimball might be one of my idols. I loved to read his books. Among my activities in the office, I found one article writen by Ralph Kimball and it’s catched my eyes. There’s 12 things as data warehouse responsibilities, let’s take a look :

1. Understand your end users by business area, job responsibilities, and computer tolerance.
2. Find out the decisions the end users want to make with the help of the data warehouse
3. Identify the “best” end users who will make effective decisions using the data warehouse
4. Find potential new end users and make them aware of the data warehouse
5. Choose the most effective, actionable subset of the data to present in the data warehouse, drawn from the vast universe of possible data in your organization
6. Make the end-user screens and applications much simpler and more template driven, explicitly matching the screens to the cognitive processing profiles of your end users
7. Make sure your data is accurate and can be trusted, labeling it consistently across the enterprise
8. Continuously monitor the accuracy of the data and the content of the delivered reports
9. Keep the end users’trust
10. Continuously search for new data sources, and continuously adapt the data warehouse to changing data profiles and reporting requirements
11. Take a portion of the credit for end-user decisions made using the data warehouse, and use these successes to justify your staffing, software, and hardware expenditures
12. Keep the end users, end-user executives, and your boss happy

Honestly, I have a dream to be a Project Manager (PM) — even I know it’s not an easy job 🙂
So, I need to study more or think more about how to apply all those things in my job.

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A Little Light

a light

When I opened the gate of reality

Shadowy thing pounced my eyes

Every nook and cranny of the world

Which was sank to the darkness

Couldn’t be reached


Far away on the dark corner

A little light showed me a life

Its warmth killed the rigidity

The light illuminated my way


Scent of hope

Scent of happiness

Filled my life and…

I knew my soul-searching was done

As I found a little light of my life




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Pesan dari Surga is one of  Indonesian movies which was produced by Multivision. The author was Sekar Ayu Asmara.

Pesan dari Surga talked about a group of youngster who had a band named Topeng (in English is Mask). Topeng consist of three girls and two men. They were Canting, Brazil, Veruska, Prana and Kuta. Every single person had their own serious problem related to love and family.

Canting, the singer of Topeng, was a beautiful girl but she had bad tempered. A fierce girl. She’s not a good daughter and always says rabbit to someone who nagged her. Actually she could be a perfect young woman if she could manage herself, especially her words. Her boy friend whose name was Harman was a good guy, a patient guy exactly. If he did something wrong, Canting would call him rabbit and hit him or pour water on his face. He understood of  Canting’s behaviour but he loved her so much.

Brazil was a lonely soul. She had bad experiences in the past and she wanted to revenge by making love with 100 different guys. She had twin boy friend whose name were Oyi and Oya. Oyi was a vegetarian. He was younger than Brazil but he shows the maturity of the man. Different with Oya who still likes teenagers.

Veruska was a feminine girl. She was pregnant before married and got HIV.

Prana made an affair with the other woman. His wife was a fortune teller.

Kuta is a tattoo artist. He made an affair with a husband of a pregnant woman. Actually he was a gay.

One day, Canting found her boy friend called by another girl. She asked him about the girl. He explained if that girl is just a friend and a business partner. She didn’t  trust him. She suspected him had an affair with that girl. She called that girl Kuntilanak. She threatened to kill him if he cheated on her.

Canting was felt something wrong with her relationship. Every time that girl called him, she felt like a loser. That girl looked more important than her. Her boy friend had never complaint on everything she had done to him. She called him rabbit, hit and bothered him.  She was angry because he didn’t tell her the truth.

Finally, he decided to talk about the truth, which made her stunned. He told her that he had a child with that girl, called Tiara. But he never married with that girl.  He never knew about the child until the girl came to his life again and told him if Tiara was lost. Nobody knew where Tiara was.

Canting couldn’t explain her feeling. She was disappointed. She tried to understand him but she couldn’t.

Another side, Brazil dated with Oyi and Oya. They have their own schedule. Oyi was for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Oya was for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. First time Oyi and Oya didn’t aware if Brazil dated with his twin also.

When Oya came to Oyi’s room, he found Oyi painted Brazil. Oya asked him, why he painted Brazil, because he thought Brazil was his girl friend. Oyi acted the same he claimed that Brazil was his girl friend. After they had insult fest, they recognized if Brazil was cheating on them. They have a plan to revenge on her. Oyi pretended to be Oya and vice versa.

When the schedule date came to Oya, Oyi acted as Oya. He went to the restaurant in which Brazil waiting for him. Brazil ordered roasted chicken, Oya’s favourite menu. Oyi was surprised, but he kept his lip tight. He didn’t touch that chicken because he is a vegetarian. He asked Brazil to be honest to him. Brazil was confused. She didn’t understood what he meant. The fake Oya wanted Brazil to be honest to him, because he always honest to her.

When Brazil said “Oya, I will always honest to you. I would never lie to you”, the real Oya came and laughed. Brazil stunned. She knew that the twin trapped her.

The next day, both of Oya and Oyi came to Brazil’s house to say apologizes. They told Brazil that she must choose one of them because both of them still love her. Finally Brazil chose Oyi as her boy friend because Oyi was mature.

Actually Oyi and Oya had a plan to destroy Brazil but time goes by and Oyi fells in love with Brazil. Of course Oya angry, Oyi broke their plan.

In the mysterious house, near the mountain, there is a beautiful old house. Prana and his wife stayed there. Prana’s wife can forecast something by the suds of coffee. She knew what will happen or what was happened. Prana wanted to have a child but his wife disagree with his idea. She could see if they have a child, the child will live in suffer. That’s why she didn’t want to have a child. Every day Prana imagine, if he had a child he would be the happiest man in this world. He bought a lot of toys and the worse thing was he had an affair with another woman who wanted to give him a child. Prana felt grateful because he had two women who loved him and he loved them also. He didn’t admit his fault when his wife asked him about another woman in his life. His wife knew everything related to Prana. From the suds of coffee she saw Prana hug a woman. His wife warned him, if he married the woman he would had an accident. Love made him blind. He will get married to her.

Saturday night was the schedule of Topeng on stage. They go to the stage from Canting’s house by car. In the middle of the way, Prana’s wife called him. Actually she wanted to warn Prana to be careful. Something strange happened to her. There was earth-quakes at her house, her cup fell down, the suds of coffee strew on the floor and showed something weird. She knew Prana would get an accident. When Prana talked to her on the phone, his car hit by a truck. Prana’s wife cried. She wept. She loved Prana so much, but now she lost him forever because all of Topeng’s members were died except Canting whom still in emergency room.

In the heaven, they discuss about their new life. Only Canting could be safe, so Canting must back to the earth. Canting was crying because all of her friends left her, now she was alone. When she turned back, she saw a bird flew to a white cloud. Then, she saw a little girl came toward her. The little girl introduced herself. Her name was Tiara. Suddenly she remembered to her boy friend. She told Canting that she was killed and her body was hid. She wanted Canting to talk to her mother, tell her if Tiara is happy in the heaven. Tiara wanted Canting take care of his father. Then, Tiara was gone away. She backed to her real home.

Unconsciously, Canting found herself in the emergency room. She was confused when she saw her friends there. Actually, all of her friends wanted to send messages to all of their family by Canting. One by one talked to Canting and Canting kept all the messages.

In the emergency room she saw her parent and her boy friend. She couldn’t stop the tears running down from her face. She wanted to be a good girl. At the same time, her parent looked so happy. Canting opened her eyes and she awoke from her long sleep. Everybody was surprised, the doctor, her fans, her parent and especially her boy friend.

When she recovered she told Harman, her boy friend, she had met Tiara and she was killed. Harman was shocked. With the police they searched Tiara’s body and they found it in the jungle.

Start from the time, Canting changed. She became a good daughter now. 


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Lovely Christmas

Frankly, I want to see Christmas celebration overseas, especially in the sub tropic country. Celebration with snowy Christmas tree and watch the children skating on ice seems like so interesting. Even I don’t really like snow. It’s too cold and made me freeze.

Although I am a Hindu, Christmas has a special meaning for me. Since I was a child, to welcome Christmas I woke up early and turned the TV on. Then I watched the Christmas ceremony (Misa Natal) in Vatican. While breakfast I was watching the cartoon movies. I like cartoon movie so much, so I’ll spend my day to watch it. Most of the movies talked about Santa, deer, fairy, Christmas gift, or about a bad boy who would changed became a good boy when Christmas came.

When I was in the university, most of my friends were Christian. Actually my university is Christian university but it opened for public. So, every body said happy merry Christmas to me, cause they thought I was a Christian. I just smiled and explained to them that I didn’t celebrate Christmas.
Honestly, I’m glad if someone gave attention to the celebration. I like to say happy New Year, happy merry Christmas, happy Idul Fitri, Happy Nyepi, and so forth. It makes me aware of tolerance and brotherhood.

In Jakarta, the festive Christmas celebrated by all Christian. We could saw Christmas tree every where,in the mal, office buildings, schools, universities, hotels, and in the other public places.
Usually, if Christmas came, I would go to Taman Anggrek mal. There was a tall wonderful Christmas tree with dolls hanging on it.

Indonesia generally has a lot of cultures. Almost every province has their own way to celebrate Christmas. For example in Bali, the church’s architecture is a bit different with other province. The architecture looks like a temple and the dress for Christian is same with the dress when Hindu went to the temple. Consider most of Balinese is Hindu.

Not only for me, Christmas also gave an impact to my family in Bali. Both of my sister and my brother is work in hotel. If Christmas came, they always work overtime because there was Christmas celebration in the hotel. Most of foreign tourists celebrated Christmas in Bali. I think it’s good for them because they supposed to get a lot of extra payment 🙂

At this present, I’m work in Chinese Company which most of staff are Buddhist. Only some of us are Christian. So, when Christmas came we didn’t celebrate it as festive as when I was in the university. I just said Happy Merry Christmas to who celebrate Christmas.
But in the office lobby, there was a beautiful Christmas tree. Combination of green, gold color, with star on the top looked great for me. Under the Christmas tree there was small packages of gift with red vivid ribbon. When the night came, the operator turn the light on and lightly Christmas tree was there.

Like other religious celebrations, I always waiting for Christmas too. Basically, all religion for me is same, teach me how to be a good human.

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