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A long 24 years of my life, I study a lot of languages, such as Balinese, Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Japanese, French, German, etc… — include programming language 🙂

When I was a child my mother taught me how to speak in Balinese politely. One thing I always remember is if I want to study language, I should learn the polite first before slank words or something else. Balinese sometimes looks so difficult because there are some rules which called “sor singgih”. I should know, how to talk with children, young lads, old person, etc… There are different rules if we want to talk to other person from other caste. My family always concern about this.

I love Balinese and bahasa Indonesia and strict with the rules. Most of my friends in high school didn’t really care of those language. I didn’t know the reason, might be they thought it’s easy things or something difficult so they didn’t want to spent their time to think about that.  When I study Bahasa more and more, finally I found the difficulties which make me more interest. Manipulate the language is one of my hobbies 🙂

When my sister introduced me to English, 18 years ago, I thought it’s an interesting language. Read the dictionary, hearing the English music, watch the English movies, etc…. was one of my daily activities. But when I found it’s difficult, wao…. !! For the English, I don’t know why, it’s so difficult for me, especially the grammar. Different with my brother and my sister. They are outstanding in foreign languages, but not me… I’m so poor 😦 . They always remind me to study English, French, Japanese, German….– all of those language which make my tongue like a snake and make me breathless. One more, Mandarin.!. oh my goodness, sorry bro… my brain format is different with yours…. 🙂 . Step by step ok …. ! ….

If I count the time I’ve spent to study foreign languages, supposed I can speak all those languages fluently 🙂 — but the fact is different with the theory :d

Actually I have a dream to write in various languages. That’s why I need more efforts to study — hope language logics same with math, hehehehehe 🙂

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Sweat November

One thing I wanna do if November come is watch the “Sweet November” movie — so nice…. and I’ve already watched it!!

Why this month seems dreadful ?? Looks as an exhausted  month at work, at home, every where…. — sweaty November…. 😉 But I learn a lot, especially for my career 🙂

At office, this month is my project deadline. This is the best schedule we have — give advantages for all parties. But of course it needs more effort. Unfortunately, there are some unexpected problem which screw up all the things and broke the ‘optimistic’ schedule. Wao…!!!

All those problems make me aware of “team work” slogan. We couldn’t blame anybody, even we know that is his/her responsibility. One word “semangat…!!” seems like a bottle of cold soft drink in the desert. One smile could be a wonderful thing.

Anyway, yesterday I was finishing my level — Threshold 1 — . The encounter class was more difficult than before, of course the questions more complicated. And… I’ve already passed it, with a note from Andy — focus on grammar Putu– 😦  . Why grammar always be my problem since the first time I knew English —  years ago.

One more, today I feel technology make my life so difficult. More mysterious than my own life ;p

That’s all for now, hope the best for all and hope everything goes well.

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The Truth

When the blue night is over my face
The cold wind whispers your name
All memories come to me
What you taught
What you said
Always on my mind

Even you’re never know
Even you’re never understand
Even you didn’t wanna know
Even you didn’t wanna understand
All of my thoughts

Walk on the empty road
Can’t stop the tears from running down my face
Little mice make me awake
as it sings a song of ghastly world

When you felt weird
Just sorry I could say
Cause I never know you
A lonely soul in the opulent world

You thought I’m just your true friend
A place to share your dream
But not your life
A place to share your hurt
But not your heart


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What a Fake Beautiful Life

Vivid red dog-eared book
writen by anonymous novelist
tell me the most glorious thing in this world
make me feel grateful

When the ancestor talk to the successor
All the fake things of their life
Dreadful, ghastly world
There’s pains of life time

When I was born in the dark cold night
Weird atmosphere burns my face
Scent of strange world
Which be prison of my soul


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Dictionary Vs Thesaurus

When we study English, of course we know something called dictionary and thesaurus. But some people,especially non native speaker, still don’t understand what is thesaurus for.
Someday, in the exclusive book store, there is interesting conversation between dictionary and thesaurus. let’s take a look :

Dictionary : Thesaurus…. hey…. what are you doing here ?

Thesaurus : not much, yeah.. a long the day I just standing here, nobody touch me…

Dictionary : Hmmnnnmm… why they didn’t interest on you ?. But why you are so expensive.?. Different with me. uhhh, the give me a low price.

Thesaurus : hehehehehe… actually they didn’t understand me, that’s why they didn’t want to waste their time with me. Different with you, all people need you, where ever they are.

Dictionary : Is it true ? hmmm… why like that ?

Thesaurus : yap!! Because, only certain people need me. They are a writer, poet, and so forth. Of course they are need you also 🙂

Dictionary : yeah… I know that. Thesaurus, can you explain to me what is your peculiarity, so only certain people need you ?

Thesaurus : Yes of course. Like I said, the writer, poet need me because I can tell them the synonim of words, so they needn’t use one word for many time. But I don’t explain what is the meaning of that word. This is your job right ? Usually, the beginner needn’t me. They prefer to you 🙂

Dictionary : I see now 🙂 But, why you are so expensive ?

Thesaurus : Maybe because I have a limited market. Different with you.

Dictionary : ok… hey, hold on!! There is some one come to me, maybe I catch his eyes… hehehehe bye bye

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When You Were Rejected

Have you rejected by someone ? Or have you reject your own self ?
hmmnnnmmm…… of course you have! It’s normal… — I thought 🙂

Today, I got an email from google/adsense and the content is about rejection.
Last week I registered my blog in the google/adsense, considered some benefits in the future. I was rejected because most of my articles in Indonesian language. Wao…. gee!! How come…. hmmm there is supposed to be something wrong…
I was investigating this problem while finishing my job in office. Finally I’ve got some ideas. One of my idea is create a new blog in wordpress.com .

Actually the problem is in the google side. They didn’t support Indonesian yet. One question in my mind is “why… ???” — I can answer it by my self, but still “maybe…!”

Hope I can enjoy wordpress as I enjoy my other blogs 🙂

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